Symbolizing the coming together of two souls, marriages are a lot more than the bride and the groom, and their immediate families. Weddings are incomplete without guests, especially when it comes to Indian weddings. Showering the newly-weds with blessings, guests are an important part of any wedding. With “Atithi Devo Bhava” as the core value of our culture, keeping the guest happy is the ultimate goal.

Wedding favours are the family’s way of saying “thank you for your blessings” to the guests. They have been a part of the Indian wedding culture ever since, but with everything picking a hint or two from the west; our wedding favours are also evolving. From the traditional shadi bhaji symbolizing five blessings (Health, Wealth, Long life, Fertility and Happiness) to more versatile options such as candied almonds. 

Here is a carefully curated list of some exquisite wedding favours that are a keepsake for the memory of your special day:

Indoor Plant

Small indoor plants make for a very symbolic wedding favour. Representing growth, these wedding favours are very thoughtful *nature sending hugs*. You can get customized pots to match the theme of your wedding, and voila, you have chic and everlasting wedding favours!

PS: Avoid giving out cactus as there are several superstitions attached to the same.

Miniature Alcohol Bottles

If your wedding is an intimate one with a bunch of alcohol lovers, miniature alcohol bottles really are a show-stealer! These cute little bottles, customized to the wedding theme, make an excellent addition to the bars, and might also be of help to the exes to cope up.

PS: This might not work best for weddings at conservative Indian families.

Scented Candles

One can never go wrong with scented candles; these won’t be tossed in the bin and would last longer than any eatable. These aesthetically pleasing candles make for a very practical choice of wedding favours. Choose from customized tin candles or the package-free candles in your favourite scents. 

Mini Bottles of Honey

Honey makes for a very thoughtful, and unique wedding favour. Signifying the sweetness of the new bond, this healthy wedding favour is a great gesture to thank your guests for their presence on your big day.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps make for an affordable, minimalistic, and practical version of wedding favours. Flexible to customizations, handmade soaps with flower petals and a single “Thank You for your presence” tag is our personal favourite!

Jam/Chutney in Mini Jars

Jam and chutney in mini jars are a great blend of traditions and modernity. A pair of both, symbolic to the ups and downs (sweet and sour moments) of life, in customized jars make excellent wedding favours.

Dry Fruits

There is nothing that can go wrong with the classics. A customized box of dry fruits is always an appreciated token at weddings. Usually gifted in a mix of five to signify the five blessings, dry fruits are the best of all wedding classic favours.  

Wedding favours, when done right, leave a lasting impression on the guests. But with everything that needs to be managed, thinking of wedding favours that stand out and do not burn a hole in your pocket is not the easiest thing to do.

That is where Shaandaar, the best wedding planners of Chandigarh, step in. We do not only help in the planning and purchasing of a modern and creative alternative but are also very careful of your budget.