Aurika By Lemon Tree

The exquisite Aurika Resort by Lemon Tree Hotels, perched on a hill, is one of the luxury hotels in Udaipur’s City of Lakes. Aurika, Udaipur, sits atop a hill in the gorgeous Aravalli range in the heart of the City of Lakes. It sprawls across five acres of a gently sloping hilltop. The hotel’s entrance is through the Antara (‘to pause’) bastion gate, which encourages tourists to stop and take in the fresh Aravalli air. Lemontree Hotels’ Aurika Resort, Udaipur is the ideal location for a big destination wedding in Udaipur. Many additional services are included in the package, including decoration, food and beverage, entertainment, hotel rooms, light and sound, and so on. The hotel provides the ideal environment and location for holding any type of event, guaranteeing that every event at Aurika Resort, Udaipur is worth to remember. Aurika has everything you need for your wedding, from spacious accommodations to luxurious and mesmerizing halls.

Aurika, Udaipur is a great place to host your royal destination wedding and other events and celebrations because their property has a lot of banqueting and unique dining areas for your celebrations, festivities, and gatherings. The resort features nearly 22,000 square feet of banquet and conference space, including the Ekaara Ballroom, which is 5500 square feet and has no pillars, the Ekaara Courtyard, which is 5000 square feet, and the Aurum Boardroom, which is 3000 square feet and has a patio. State-of-the-art facilities, variable seating arrangements, customized packages, and thematic meals complement the exquisite decor. This combined with Aurika’s exceptional service and welcoming welcome, guarantees that every occasion is one to remember. The imperial decor and layout, combined with cutting-edge conveniences, customizable seating arrangements, customized hotel rooms, and a thematic menu of food and beverage options, make Aurika one of Udaipur’s most popular wedding locations.

Destination Wedding Cost

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Factors that affects the budget of your wedding

The rich cultural heritage of the Palaces in Udaipur is what that draws people to plan their wedding. The location of your wedding should be planned accordingly. The royal wedding planner in Udaipur makes it sure that whatever location you choose for your wedding, it should be in sync with how you want your wedding to be carried out, the chain of events that follows and the arrangements required for your dream to come true. Choice of location should be done according to your wedding budget.

Your guest size will decide the accommodation preferences. Some palaces do not provide the accommodation for your guests; hence you will need a hotel for your guests which are located in the close proximity of the wedding venue. The wedding venue and accommodation will make your 50% of the cost. There are 5-star heritage hotels, 5-star hotels, and the hotels of your choice for your different types of guests.

Catering Costs
The type of cuisine you choose will affect your cost accounting of the wedding. The buffet system in India is very much prominent. It will cost Rs 2500- Rs 4000 per person in a 5-star hotel and around Rs 800- Rs 1000 in a 4-star hotel. The hotels lower than this would not be justified with a destination wedding.

Décor costs
The mandap decoration is the most alluring task of a destination wedding planning company in Udaipur. The lighting and the floral arrangement requires a large sum of your money. Many Palaces don’t allow outside decorators. Generally, wedding décor may cost between Rs 6,00,000 – Rs. 15,00,000. However, if you desire something unique and splendid, it may cost you above Rs 15 lakhs.

Destination Wedding in Aurika By Lemon Tree