Weddings take place on a high note in India. Not only deciding venue, catering and dresses but deciding wedding jewellery is also an integral part of Indian weddings. No wonder wearing amazing and designer outfits and jewellery comes naturally to mark the big fat Indian weddings. Bridal jewellery takes too much attention here because the wedding jewellery bride wears is not just any accessory but has an age-old significance. Wedding jewellery totally depends upon the outfit of the wedding. Among all the bridal’s wedding jewellery, Maang tikka and Passa of the bride steal the spotlight. It is a significant part of wedding jewellery because it gives definition to the bride’s face. 

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka adds a sign of grace and beauty on the bride’s face. It completes the bridal look and adds a wow factor to it. But while choosing maang tikka in your wedding jewellery, you should keep in mind the size of it. It should go with your face structure and your outfit for the wedding day. You can choose different kinds of Maang Tikka.

Kundan Maang Tikka

You can go for Kundan Maang Tikka crusted with uncut diamonds that will give a traditional yet elegant look to the bride. Floral Kundan Maang Tikka can also work , when a bride believes in a simple look or has a heavy worked outfit and wants to go for minimal wedding jewellery. 

Deepika Padukone wearing Chaand Tikka

If not this, then you can choose Chaand Tikka which consists of pearl and polki accent. It is a classic tikka and has been a favorite over the years. Deepika Padukone and Ravenna Tondon wore this Maang Tikka and they were looking gorgeous on their wedding day. 

Borla Maang Tikka

Brides can also wear Spherical Maang Tikka called Borla. It is crafted in meenakari with stones and diamonds. It gives a traditional look and brides belonging to the Marwari community wear it. It brings a touch of royalty to the Rajput Bride. Floral Maang Tikka is in trend these days and brides can wear it in her pre-wedding functions. Gold Maang Tikka were trending in old tradition but some brides still love to wear it. Mughal inspired, Mughal Maang Tikka brings glamor to a bridal look. So, a bride can also go for it.

Jhoomer Passa

How about making your Maang Tikka shifts and make it a side Maang Tikka. It will take away all the attention with just a little shift in your fashion statement. Some brides choose to wear only Passa and Jhoomer. Passa jewellery is a traditional ornament of Muslim and Sikh brides. They wear it on the left side of the head to raise their look to Royalty. Not only Muslim and Sikh brides, but other brides can also wear passa and wearing it will make you feel a little hatke.

Kundan Passa

There are different kinds of Passa jewellery. Brides can wear Kundan Passa and it goes with any outfit because it doesn’t have any distinct color. 

Bun with Passa

You can style it with a bun with a middle parting that will give a great look. Otherwise, for a more heavy look brides can go for Kundan Jhoomer Passa. It covers all your forehead and gives you a proper Begum look. But if you are wearing heavy Passa Jewellery then you must choose light wedding jewellery.

Mathapatti with Maang Tikka

Mathapatti is another ornament of wedding jewellery. It works as two in one, Mathapatti with Maang tikka. It grabs more attention to the bridal look and adds beauty to the bride’s face.

Anushka Sharma Wearing Mathapatti

Anushka Sharma in her wedding jewellery also chooses to wear a pair of Maang tikka and Mathapatti. It gives a stylish yet traditional look to the bride. It comes in three forms – single string maang tikka, double stranded maang tikka and multiple strands maang tikka. Brides can choose any of these according to their outfits and face structure. Besides this, brides can also go for the heavy elaborated Mathapatti with a simple nathani that gives them a stunning look.

Heavy lehenga with heavy jewellery

Nothing is ‘too much’ for a bride. You can choose the heaviest lehenga and heaviest wedding jewellery because the day is yours and so are the rules. But you are the one who is going to bear the heavy weight, so choose heavy until and unless it makes you feel uncomfortable. Maang tikka and Maathapatti are an excellent pair but if you want to do something different and unique that works just as well. You could go for the beautiful pair of maang tikka and passa. Yes! It is a thing. Both these accessories have an individual charm but when they pair together, it looks like the best match anybody has ever seen in wedding jewellery. For embracing your style and look, some brides beautify their wedding jewellery with bizarre maang tikka and passa pairings. 

Oversized Maang Tikka

Brides go with oversized maang tikka and passa pairing sometimes. Sometimes they choose simple and light weight wedding jewellery. While some took the old worldly route and choose traditional or gold wedding jewellery, others let the pastel shades and polkis take over. Brides can make beautiful combinations of maang tikka and passa. It is not obvious that the color of both the ornaments should be the same, you can choose a different color as well. But make sure it doesn’t look weird on your outfit.Brides can go for pearl-string passa or flared out passa with Chandbali maang tikka. Another combination can be oversized maang tikka and passa with multiple colors. 

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Brides can also wear gold ornaments or can choose kundan passa and maang tikka which goes with every outfit.Wedding jewellery has a lot of choices and can give you any style you want. Choosing perfect jewellery can make you look royal, cool and minimalist, however you want. Choice of right passa and maang tikka can really glam you up to look special on your wedding day.

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