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Best Wedding Planner In Kerala - Looking for a touch of luxury on your bid day? Look no further anywhere, brides and grooms. If you happen to be searching for the Best Wedding Planner In Kerala, Shaandaar Events is just a call away. Enter the extraordinary realm of Shaandaar Events, the Premium wedding planner company based in Kerala. We believe in weaving the magic of love through each of our services, thereby ensuring a strong bond with our beloved customers.

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When it comes to conjuring up ideas for your dream wedding, Shaandaar Events eagerly awaits your creative outpouring! That is why we have earned the prestigious title of being the best wedding planners in Kerala and all over India. With a touch of magic, Shaandaar Events creates fairy tale weddings that will make your heart sing and your spirit soar. Here are the contact details of our company by calling us at @+91 7018902594, or +91 9491425000 or writing an email at

Kerala Wedding | Interesting Traditions and Rituals

Known for its pristine beaches, magnificent backwaters, picturesque hill stations, lush vegetation, and much more, Kerala is truly a wonderful destination that reflects the finest, sophisticated, and diverse cultural traditions. Unique in all its aspects, Kerala is famous for its wedding ceremonies which people celebrate with much joy and enthusiasm. Kerala wedding is considered special as it showcases extraordinary wedding customs that make the ritual an unforgettable experience. The soul of the state is reflected in every wedding in Kerala where you can taste the cultural essence of God’s own country.

Types of Wedding Decoration Services

Wedding decoration companies in Salem, such as Spectacular Events, provide a variety of services that cater to specific aspects of wedding design. Some of the most preferred services for wedding decoration are:

1. Wedding Reception Decoration: The setup of the reception area, including tables, chairs, lighting, and centerpieces, is the main focus of this service.

2. Wedding Stage Decoration: The primary goal of this service is to set up the wedding stage, which includes flowers, curtains, lights, and backdrops.

3. Wedding Ceremony Decoration: During this event, the aisle, altar, flowers, and lighting arrangements are all decorated for the wedding ceremony.

4. Wedding Mandap Decoration: This service focuses on decorating the mandap, the sacred area where Hindu wedding ceremonies are conducted.

Enchanting Wedding Come to Life with Shaandaar Events Your Premier Wedding Planners in Kerala

Shaandaar Events is the best wedding planner in Kerala. As the best wedding planner in Kerala, we take great pride in assembling a team of passionate wedding decorators who are dedicated to delivering excellence. With our extensive knowledge of different decoration styles, a wide network of reliable vendors and suppliers, and the ability to transform any venue into a magical place, our wedding decorators in Kerala are unique in our art. With the assistance of the top wedding planner in Kerala, our team of talented wedding decorators in Kerala is dedicated to realizing your vision. We make sure that every element reflects your style and preferences thanks to our amazing skills. Selecting our first-rate wedding planning service will allow you to feel the enchantment of our outstanding wedding planners in Kerala. Being the best wedding planner in Kerala, we promise to give every client individual attention, excellent services, and wedding experiences that will last a lifetime. You can rely on us to design wedding décor that will wow you and your guests for years to come.

Why Hire Wedding Planners?

At the time of the wedding, many people do not know where to start from. To properly prepare everything without rushing or creating conflicts, a wedding planner is needed. So you can save up your money if you widely choose your planner. Now read in to know the top reasons to choose a wedding planner.

1. Get Fabulous Accommodations
Nowadays people are choosing hotels for the wedding because theft can be great for destination weddings. We assume the burden of returning home at the end of the wedding celebration night. Organizing events In addition to securing the greatest deal on the block, Shaandaar Events may be able to secure an upgrade for you.

2. Have Fresh Ideas
Everyone wants to add something unique to other people’s weddings. It might be challenging at times to come up with original wedding ideas on your own, particularly if the newest trends are overwhelming you. Shaandaar Events is knowledgeable about both traditional and contemporary wedding inspiration. Keralan wedding planners are available to assist you in case of any difficulties on your wedding day.

3. Enjoy the Day More
A wedding planner is there to help you from the day of your wedding till the last night. Spectacular Events makes sure the candles are lit and the desserts are ready on time. So that your mood can become relaxed.

4. Stay on Budget
Many people think that hiring a wedding planner will be very difficult but in reality, we can save you money by keeping you on budget. This is called so because of how much of your budget should be used. With their rough idea, we will make sure that you are spending exactly the right amount for your desired wedding.

5. Have the Perfect Timing
If you plan everything with the right timing then nothing will seem too rushed or too slow. Since wedding planners have done this many times before, we know how to time everything correctly and will create a timeline that makes sense and meets your needs.

Contact Details

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – Who are the top wedding planners in Kerala?
Answer – Shaandaar Events is the top wedding planner in Kerala.

Question – Does Shaandaar provide entertainment services for the wedding?
Answer – Yes, we do provide the best DJs, themed parties, dancers, and anything related to entertainment for your wedding.

Question – What is a wedding decorator?
Answer – A wedding decorator is the person in charge of making everything pretty on your wedding day.

Question – How much does a wedding planner cost in Kerala?
Answer – There is a definite costing structure as it depends upon several factors including experience, number of services being offered, number of events, etc. However, if you are interested in a personalized quote for free, then reach out to Shaandaar Events today!