Borgo Finocchieto

Borgo Finochhieto is a unique piece of art and architecture among the Tuscany properties that can be only believed when experienced. This beautiful and elegantly restored 800-year-old property where every wall exudes a story of some of the best times ever lived by people worldwide. Borgo Finocchieto recently came to light when a sportsman who is the captain of the Indian cricket team chose this place for his wedding with one of Bollywood’s most acclaimed actresses. This place is famous because it has been able to weave the past and the present in a way no other suite and villa like this could. It fits together with Italy’s state of the art architecture and all the world-class amenities. This is available for groups and individuals.

The community of Borgo Finocchieto are divided into an elegant manor house with nine large suites and four village houses. Each house and suite has its kitchen, living area, and private terrace, making it second to none. With the incredible view and an outstanding spa for a massage that can relieve you of the stress, you will have the best time and the most memorable time at the wedding. The couples have given the highest rating to Borgo Finochhieto for its ambience that provides everything you want in a romantic trip and, most i9mportantly, in a wedding ceremony.

Borgo Finochhieto offers high-speed Wi-Fi air-conditioned rooms with the best room service. It has all the basic amenities and some of the unique modern-day amenities like pools and a facility for a hot bath. If you are a fitness enthusiast and do not want to miss a day out of the gym, we have a fitness room with a gym and workout room. If you are considering booking a suite, please book in advance. Borgo Finochhieto has a high demand, and the booking ends fast.

Destination Wedding at Borgo Finocchieto

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