Ciragan Palace Kempinski​

A visit to the Ciragan palace Kempinski located in Istanbul is mandatory for everyone who visits and wishes to know more about Turkey. The Ciragan Palace is a proper combination of traditional beauty and modernity. This palace was owned by one of the strongest empires of all time, the Ottoman Empire. Ciragan Palace is the only palace that belongs to Ottoman Empire. The entire palace is designed in such a way that represents the traditional beauty of the Ottoman Empire. All the rooms in the palace are well designed and luxurious, representing the luxurious life of those who belonged to the empire earlier. 

The Ciragan Palace Kempinski is wealthy and luxurious, with a total of 310 rooms. This includes suites that belong to either hotel or historical section too. The rooms in the hotel section are mainly a combination of modernity and luxury. In contrast, the suites in the historical section represent the rich legacy, culture and traditional values of the Ottoman Empire. The palace is also equipped with bars and restaurants.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski is a prestigious venue in Turkey. The palace also provides a venue for conducting events, prestigious summits, high-level meetings, weddings and other social events. The spacious and luxurious rooms can be benefitted while conducting such events. The restaurant of the palace is another advantage provided to the visitors. The restaurant in the palace is determined to provide visitors or customers with the best and most enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant’s menu is framed in such a way that it allows the customers to enjoy the authentic flavours of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine. 

At present, Ciragan Palace Kempinsky is considered the most favourable venue for conducting events. Although located near the city, the ambience and atmosphere you will get at the palace cannot be matched with any other.

Destination Wedding at Ciragan Palace Kempinski​

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