Destination Wedding Cost In India

Destination Wedding Cost In India – India, the most populous nation, sees more than 10 million weddings each year. Destination weddings are really popular right now. Additionally, India has several stunning locations for destination weddings. Not only do you enjoy being married in a lovely place, but you also save money. Yes! It has been shown that a destination wedding is significantly less expensive than an Indian conventional wedding. So, here we are covering all the information regarding a destination wedding cost in India

Destination Wedding Cost In India

Top Reasons For Having An Indian Destination Wedding In India

It’s like a dream to exchange wedding vows with your soul mate in a breathtaking setting. Also, you are only surrounded by those exceptional people that you appreciate much. You may fully savour the priceless moments of your life with a destination wedding. First of all, let’s take a look into the reasons for having a destination wedding. 

  1. Saves a Lot Of Money – You only bring the precious ones with you when you travel to a place that is far from your home. Additionally, according to several studies, the number of guests at a destination wedding is cut in half. As a result, you not only save money but can also provide the greatest hospitality services for those who have been invited.
  2. Enjoy The Wedding Without Worries – During a destination wedding, a wedding planner handles every aspect of the event. Thus, your appearance is the only aspect on which you should concentrate. The remainder is handled by your wedding planners. 
  3. Live Your Dream Wedding – You have the opportunity to use your ingenuity and originality to make your event unique. A regal entrance, spectacular dance performances, and other exciting events can all be planned. Overall, you get to live your life and appreciate your marriage to the utmost.

Destination Wedding Cost In India | An Ultimate Guide 

You will need to take into account some factors that go into preparing a perfect wedding ceremony to figure out how much a destination wedding would cost. Every activity that has to be completed has a cost that must be taken into account from the very beginning of the wedding planning process. That’s why we need to take a look into the factors affecting destination weddings in India:

#1. Venue 

Make sure the venue you choose is convenient for multiple modes of transportation, such as air, train, and road. This will stop any extravagant transportation plans between cities.

#2. Season 

The Saya season, which according to the spiritual and religious calendars is considered lucky for conducting wedding ceremonies, is when most Indian marriages take place. There are now designated periods throughout the non-Saya season when you can get married, usually for less money than you would normally pay.

#3. Accommodation

Travel and lodging are always necessary for destination weddings. When organising a residential wedding, the only expenditures are the venue’s rent, food and beverage charges and lodging for the small number of guests travelling from other locations to your wedding. However, when arranging a destination wedding, travel and lodging fees are required.

#4. Number of Guests

The number of guests on your guest list will determine the per-person cost and, in turn, the total amount you’ll have to spend on food and drink, lodging, transportation, and other charges.

#5. Suppliers & Vendors 

It costs a fixed fee to arrange a destination wedding, regardless of whether you want to engage local suppliers or those willing to go to your location. If you want to hold a destination wedding on a tight budget, you can choose providers nearby to save on travel costs

A destination wedding in India can cost you from 40 lakhs onwards. However, the price may change depending on how many people you have overall and what kind of luxury you want. A destination wedding can have an unlimited total cost and can cost any amount. Therefore, we advise you to create a budget and plan.

Checklist Of Planning A Destination Wedding In India | Tips On Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding 

Being an expert in planning & organizing destination weddings, Shaandaar Events is presenting a to-do list that will help make the entire process of planning a destination wedding easier. 

  • Keep the guest list brief and sweet, if that means doing so. For a destination wedding in India, a guest list of 50–100 individuals is reasonable. 
  • Select a remote place. Due to their fame, well-known wedding locations typically have higher prices.
  • Plan your wedding during a low-demand period. This gives the providers a chance to offer lower prices than their standard Saya season bundles.
  • Reserve a room at the same location as the activities. This typically results in a huge reduction in the packages suggested by the venue as well as more enjoyment. 
  • Start making reservations as soon as possible, ideally at least a year before the wedding for venues and other suppliers and six months in advance for travel arrangements.

Finally, we hope you find all the information regarding a destination wedding cost in India. However, if you need expert help, then reach out to Shaandaar Events, one of the top destination wedding planners in India. We are offering a full-fledged wedding service that makes sure every client lives their dream wedding!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What is the cheapest month for booking a destination venue in India?

Answer – You can book a destination venue at the cheapest rates in India during January, February, or late October. 

Question – How much does a luxury destination wedding cost in India?

Answer – A luxury destination wedding cost in India is 40 lakh onward.

Question – Who is the best destination wedding planner in India?

Answer – Shaandaar Events is the best destination wedding planner in India that offers extensive & comprehensive wedding services at competitive prices.