Dusty Lavender – Bridal’s New Favorite!

“Look on the pink side of life”, “pretty in pink”, “pink power”, “don’t underestimate me just because I wear pink” etc. You must have heard of these lines in which there is pink and pink everywhere. Pink has become an Evergreen color not only for normal people but also for weddings. Dusty pink has become the only color for Indian traditional weddings. From bridal lehengas to wedding decoration pink is the highlight. But after seeing dusty pink hues everywhere, haven’t you gotten bored of it?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry. Now there’s a new shade in the town which is ready to take over the place of dusty pink. So, the new shade is dusty lavender. People have become obsessed over dusty lavender shade these days. Dusty lavender has also taken over the world of brides. Now bridal outfits of the dusty lavender are new in trend and brides love wearing this color. Dusty lavender is cheek, elegant, sophisticated and perfect for brides and decor things. Let’s have a look at various dusty lavender outfits that are grabbing our full attention.

Sabyasachi Dusty Lavender outfit

Isn’t this dusty lavender lehenga so unprecedented? Mixture of dusty lavender and Gray and a little tone of brown too, which is making it truly beautiful. This shade is perfect for a summer bride. Dusty lavender is the most subtle hue and takes our hearts away.

Katrina Kaif in Dusty Lavender Saree

Dusty lavender is the most underrated hue and it is blowing our minds now. Katrina Kaif wore a saree of dusty lavender which looked so elegant and pretty on her. Her saree is a mixture of sheer, light and dark dusty lavender hues.

Dark dusty lavender outfit

Not only for bridal lehenga or saree, dusty lavender is also a perfect choice for engagement and roka look. This bride wearing a dark shade of dusty lavender is looking so elegant and beautiful. She is wearing minimal jewelry with double dupatta styling and is wearing the breathtaking piece of dusty lavender lehenga.

Lashkara dusty lavender outfit

This dusty lavender outfit with white embroidery work on it is looking so gorgeous. Dusty lavender lehengaa with net dupatta and embroidery border on it is adding beauty to this outfit. This girl wearing a dusty lavender lehenga is looking perfect for a wedding look.

Dusty Lavender gown

Not only brides but bridesmaids can also go for dusty lavender hues. This is such an elegant and pretty color. These bridesmaids wearing dusty lavender gowns are looking so gorgeous and grabbing our attention.

Thread work Dusty Lavender outfit

Brides who want a traditional look in their outfit can go for a dusty lavender outfit with thread work. Indian wears are also graceful and charming, especially ones with thread work. Thread work looks so beautiful and never goes out of fashion. This beautiful bride wearing dusty lavender lehenga with thread work is winning our hearts.

Monotoned dusty lavender outfit

Dusty lavender is such a beautiful color that you can go with this shade alone. Yes! You can go with this shade only and still look stunning. Brides who want simple and stylish outfits, for them it is the perfect choice. You can choose to wear a monotoned dusty lavender outfit for your smaller wedding functions.

Embroidery work Dusty Lavender outfit

Embroidery work for the longest time is ruling the Indian bridal world. Every bride is a fan or you can say a lover of embroidery worked outfit. Dusty Lavender outfit goes perfect with embroidery work as embroidery work adds more beauty to every kind of outfit and color. Dusty Lavender which is already a beautiful and elegant color goes perfect with embroidery work and will make you look perfect for your wedding function.

Embellished one dusty lavender outfits

Bridals who want sparkle and glam for their wedding look should go for an embellished dusty lavender outfit. Brides simply adore wearing all the sparkle work but don’t want to look too much. Then, dusty lavender is the perfect shade to choose. It is light and elegant, therefore the embellished sparkle on it will not look too much. The balance of the color and  Embellished sparkle will come out so well together and you will look so adorable.

Dusty lavender decor

Dusty lavender not only for dresses but a beautiful shade for decor as well. If the couple loves simple classy and elegant decor for wedding functions then dusty lavender is the best choice. Just look at this pretty tablescape in this picture. This shade gives peace to the moment and gives good vibes. So what do you think of it now? You can perfectly add this to your summer or autumn wedding ceremony.

So, now what are you thinking of? Go make choices in dusty lavender shade to spread peace and good vibes. This shade is so new in the market and so much in trend. Go for this perfectly beautiful dusty lavender shade that will make you look so elegant.