Experiential Weddings And Its Growing Trend!

A wedding day is like a happy poem which is memorized and pronounced by not just the ones who write it but also their guests and coming generations. Just dream about the one-lifetime opportunity that you and your life partner would be getting. Wouldn’t you want it to be the bestest (only if there was such a word for this feeling)? Well of course yes! Then just close your eyes and trust us with this!

One of the new styles of planning your wedding is also called experiential weddings, is the one which is performed with all the closed ones in ‘not so known locations’. It can be done anywhere which is close to natural surroundings, like beaches, mountains, forests or woods. This wedding style not just enhances the surroundings but also constructs an intimate and cozy relationship with all your loved ones.

So, in short, an experiential wedding is a personalized or customized wedding, where the enjoyment and involvement of guests are given priority.

Experiential Weddings
Experiential Wedding Setup

Do you want your wedding to be a reflection of your personality? Do you want your wedding to be unique and expressive? Do you want the epitome of creativity to be mirrored in your wedding?

If yes, then this blog from us, Shaandaar Events is definitely for you. Well even if your answer is no, you will definitely find it worth reading because everyone wants something very creative or unique in their wedding, so experiential can either be your whole wedding or just a part of your wedding plan. Ensure that your wedding planning company is worth everything.

Here are some of the best suggestions that you can inculcate either in your wedding or your experiential wedding:

Choose Your Location Wisely!

Location is not one factor, it is just the most essential factor in wedding planning. You need to choose the destination of your experiential wedding very carefully. For it decides the ambiance of the whole wedding. The choice of the best destination wedding planner lies in your hand. What kind of wedding do you want, either a part of it should be experiential or the whole wedding, the choice of it lies in your hands. The location so wisely chosen should reflect your personality and your relationship with your life partner. This ceremony done anywhere should include creativity, uniqueness with a perfect tinge of activities.

Experiential Weddings
Experiential Weddings

Reflection Of Mood

This wedding of yours is actually ‘all about you’. So do tell your wedding planner about the kind of mood, personality, and bond which you two share. That way it would be easy for the planner to mirror the personality of you two in all the functions like Haldi, Mehendi, cocktail party, and even the wedding. Say suppose you both are die-hard fans of Harry Potter, so you can tell your wedding planner to have the wedding in a Hogwarts-like castle, with all of the guests in pretty robes and pointed hats. Your wedding planner can plan fun activities for your guests, like running with a broom or maybe play sorting houses with the sorting hat!

Who would not like such an experiential wedding?

Interact With The Guests

This is one of the key aspects of experiential weddings. A wedding should be such that everyone, in which I mean ‘EVERYONE’, should be a part of the beautiful occasion. This is the pivotal reason why interaction with the guests is necessary. The guests should not just be the onlookers, they should also be the participant in every activity during the experiential wedding. Your loved ones should feel exuberant during the whole wedding. That does not mean that you have to plan tedious activities so that your guests are all tired and exhausted even before your wedding. Plan some real fun experiential weddings so that your loved ones can be involved in their one-time experienced and observed wedding. Give them something very unique and artistic!

Decor- A Crucial Part Of The Wedding

The most essential aspect of an experiential wedding is the decor. Yes! It might sound absurd but it is the pivot of a wedding. Be it a usual wedding or an experiential one. You might be wondering why? So here lies your answer!

Decor in a wedding sets the mood of the whole wedding plan. Be it ambiance, vibrations, charm, everything is set up by the decor. Not just this, even your guests are influenced by this theme you set up for your wedding plan. There is also the theme for every party right? Like how we set up a spooky theme for a Halloween party, that is how we also set the theme for the most important day in our lives, according to a personality.

Floral Experiential Wedding Decor
Floral Experiential Wedding Decor

Drinking And Eating – An Experience

Everything you do at a wedding revolves around drinking and eating. Your relatives, friends, and each and everyone waits for the menu that is following your theme. Without some fresh Scottish whiskeys, a huge turkey, and a themed cake, is a wedding even a wedding?

Well, surely a big NO! In an experiential wedding, everything from the minutest of ceremonies like Mehendi and the snacks in it, everything is an experience in itself. This is a task that your wedding planner should plan. They should always be ahead of time and should keenly observe your personalities!

Multiple Days Wedding

When you think of experiences, well it is not just one day where you collect all those happy memories. This is how an experiential wedding is different from a usual wedding. Not just one day, it lasts for about weeks, wherein everyone participates and engages with the couple. This wedding day is not just special for the couple but the spotlight is on every guest. Experiential weddings are mostly combined with destination weddings. Most importantly including those locations which are closer to nature. Experiential is even derived from the word wherein you experience and observe things. This multiple-day wedding allows every loved one to engage with the couple through different and unique activities.

Includes All The Senses

Such a type of wedding where you are engaging and participating in different activities with the couple will surely include all your five senses. To observe is to realize what you see around you in a wedding and in an experiential wedding you are so close to nature that you would be interacting with the audience. To smell is when you smell the beautiful fragrance of wedding flowers, perfumes, and cake. When you taste the delicious snacks and the food or sip up the first sip of whiskey or wine, your most essential sense, the sense of taste is included. When you hear the wedding bells, jingles, the happy wedding tunes, it makes your ears vibrate with love! When you attend a wedding with your life partner it can be so intimate when they touch your hands, or even when the bride and the groom hold their hands.

Give A Theme

 It might be difficult at first but an experiential wedding is all about having different experiences. So why not with a theme. Theme plays an essential part in the whole wedding. Ponder over the theme selection with your life partner so that both of you can come to a single theme that matches both of your personalities. It is important to have your once-a-lifetime opportunity, according to your choice, isn’t it? But keep in mind to not insist others into the theme scheme. A little push does not harm but not forcing.

Beach Themed Experiential Wedding
Beach Themed Experiential Wedding

Don’t Create A Financial Burden

Your guests are there to enjoy your wedding. Do not insist on them for something, like going according to the theme. A little push might just be perfect but not force. If you are having a dress code or theme, do not put a financial burden on your guests. Ensure that in your wedding they are participating and are not just mere onlookers. In a nutshell, what we are saying is that keep the finances in check for yourself and your guests both and enjoy the true sense of experiential weddings.

Balance The Personalization Of The Wedding And The Enjoyment

Planning your wedding is a fun task. But it is also about maintaining a perfect tinge of personality and enjoyment. Make sure that your experiential wedding is not a bore to your guests. At last, it is fun only when the guests are enjoying it and you have the personalizations according to both of you.

Well, weddings are special, and experiential weddings are too underrated in the wedding planning business. Make sure whatever kind of wedding you choose for yourself, but make experiential a part of your wedding. This way you’ll be able to see the most beautiful smiles on the faces of your loved ones. When they get to engage with the couple, they think that they are also a huge part of the whole wedding. And this is it! Because when your guests are also a part of your wedding, what else would you want?

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