Food Essentials For Your Indian Wedding Menu Including Add-ons

Indian Wedding Menu. Indian weddings are as grand as India’s festivals and events. If we talk about Weddings in India it isn’t some small affair. Indian wedding celebrations are incomplete without a big fat delicious feast of the Indian Wedding Menu in Indian weddings.

Weddings play an important part that needs to be carefully planned. As the wedding ceremony is organized by the bride’s family, the food is also chosen by them. While cooks would be hired for preparing up a delicious feast earlier, nowadays, people go for wedding planners and catering services for the Indian Wedding Menu.

Moving ahead with the essentials for your Indian wedding menu, we have the best food options for your wedding day to include in your Indian Wedding Menu;

Indian Wedding menu
Essential for your Indian wedding menu with add-ons

The food included in the Indian Wedding Menu is usually laid out in a buffet so that guests can take their pick. Otherwise, arrangements are made to serve the guests as they sit and eat earlier, nowadays, people go for wedding planners and catering services and a more new approach to modern weddings with slightly different Indian Wedding Menu.

Every Indian religious belief has its own set of pre-wedding rituals and as many as myriad foods in the Indian Wedding Menu can be included in the same you can name are included also how can we forget different wedding foods in Indian Wedding Menu for different rituals, from Puli Pongal to banana cutlets we can see how different food represent different cultures and values via the food in the Indian Wedding Menu we can also articulate feelings and emotions also respect too.

Indian wedding buffet
Indian wedding menu buffet

Weddings are extravagant affairs for the Indians and guests come from all over the places and the world to be a part of these celebrations. Nothing pleases guests more than a grand feast of the Indian Wedding Menu at the end or during the weddings. It is typical of guests to remember and talk about the Indian Wedding Menu. In later years, whose and which wedding it was where they ate to their heart’s content. In fact, many a wedding is remembered by the failures and success of its food to please the palate of people despite the flawless decor, extravagant dressings, and magnificence of the entire celebration. Indian Wedding Menu is, therefore, one of the main concerns of any wedding. All the coordinators and the hosts, ensure that the wedding menus are perfectly suited to the preferences of their guests.

If we talk about Big Indian Wedding Menu is something which is always talked about. The food is eaten by the guests with relish and amusement. Indians take their food very seriously. “Dil ka raasta pet se hoke jaata hai” so as it’s said like that it’s done by every Indian unapologetically in events.

The Idea of weddings in India is fantasized by everyone from adolescents to adults because of the Indian Wedding Menu. For which we can surely blame the glamorous big weddings we’re used to seeing the big Yash Raj movies. Further, Bollywood weddings of stars in B-Town also convey the idea of glamorous weddings.

Best wedding menu
Best Indian Wedding Menu

Apart from all the bougie part that anyway makes everybody’s head roll, let’s talk about the food in Indian Wedding Menu which plays an eminent role in weddings. We can surely take a good amount of food Ideas from Bollywood weddings. These Indian Wedding Menus are extravagant and expensive like the Varun-Natasha wedding. You can give a world tour to your guests via food by adding Italian, Middle-eastern, Asian, Mexican, and a variety of Asian food by including them in the Indian Wedding Menu. These Indian Wedding Menu items can be delicious to your plate and will surely be heavy to your pocket but also weddings are one time spent.

If you want a seasonal wedding then you should definitely go for the different seasonal food menus to incorporate in your Indian Wedding Menu. These Indian Wedding Menus include Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This will be good for the people who don’t want extremely large extravaganza weddings and want something toned down and subtle but still, go with the trend regarding the Indian Wedding Menu.

Wedding menu
Indian Wedding menu

A theme to a wedding gives the wedding a more modern look. In the spring theme wedding for the Indian Wedding Menu, you can add Risotto. It is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. It is healthy and good for every age group. You can surely replace it with pasta as everybody keeps pasta on the menu and Risotto will be a change in the Indian Wedding Menu.

Risotto, a new addition in wedding menu
Risotto – New Wave in Indian Wedding Menu

For spring Indian Wedding Menu appetizers can include asparagus and caramelized onion tartlets, chive sandwiches with cream cheese. You can add Edible flowers for a romantic feel. You can infuse it with cucumber-wrapped shrimps, which is always a good and refreshing idea.

For the summer Indian Wedding Menu, you can go as colorful and creative as you want. Just add as many fruits to appetizers and drinks, like Cocktail Idli Hearts With Coconut Chutney Shots, as colorful and bright it sounds the more appetizing it looks.

south Indian wedding menu
Assorted South Indian colorful wedding food – Indian Wedding Menu

Autumn is all about rainfalls. So the food in Indian Wedding Menu can be decided accordingly fretters of different kinds will be pleasing for everyone. Adding some soup variety to the Indian Wedding Menu will also add some warm love to the menu and for winter.

Soup in wedding menu
Indian Wedding Menu – Soup

In our opinion, Kashmiri food can be a real deal on the Indian Wedding Menu. We can add Gushtaba which is considered a king of Kashmiri cuisine. This winter food in India needs several steps of preparation before being served. Raab a drink that is a blend of Rajasthani and Gujarati tradition will be a transcending addition to the Indian Wedding Menu.

Kashmiri wedding menu
Kashmiri in Indian Wedding Menu

If you want to go with cheap and affordable Indian Wedding Menu food options, which can be done with buffets and local wedding food theme options in the Indian Wedding Menu which are easily available and affordable with generally available food options.

Local Indian wedding menu
Local Indian Wedding Food in Indian Wedding Menu

Tips to add some sauce to your Indian Wedding Menu:

  • Install a pan station for your Indian Wedding Menu. Pans are refreshing, colorful, full of taste. It’s like something to chew on and so people will anyway like it, so do not hesitate if you’re already thinking of installing one.
  • Add more color to your Indian Wedding Menu- who don’t like colors? Slip in more colors. If you don’t like utterly bright then you can surely tone it down.
  • Use fresh ingredients for your Indian Wedding Menu. Keep a check that your wedding cooking staff must be using fresh ingredients for everything. Some fresh and organic is always good and healthy.
  • Stick to a coherent theme for Indian Wedding Menu- Have a clear idea of what theme you want and how it should be implicated.
  • Offer hearty soup options in your Indian Wedding Menu- soup options are always a good option as everybody likes soup. The more the merrier.
  • Edible Treats for Indian Wedding Menu. Send some edible gifts with the invitation. It will be amusing for the people to get something to eat with the invitations they’ll get.
best wedding menu
Wedding Appetizers – Indian Wedding Menu

Weddings are a special occasion which people do with full emotions and enthusiasm. Finding the love of your life and tying knots with them isn’t a small deal, so go on and add these essentials for your Indian wedding menus which will make your wedding a blast and we at Shaandaar Events, hope this blog on Indian Wedding Menu helps you with your special occasion!