Fun Entertainment Aspects To Add In A Wedding!

A wedding is a function that will be cherished forever and we are definite that you would love to add certain aspects and elements of entertainment to enliven your wedding ceremonial minutes. Regardless of your wedding location, wedding style, entertainment is an element that could be set up anywhere. The best way to add some fun to your wedding stand out is to make it your own. Weddings in India are often filled with some basic but cute traditional entertaining elements, be it teasing the bride, dancing till you drop, singing folk songs, or tasting delicious food at different snacks stalls.

The entertainment aspects in your weddings need not to be some over the top or something that would cost you fortunes, some nice lighthearted yet cheerful fun elements can elevate the spirits of your guests. Since it’s your wedding day, you would absolutely very much want to include everybody in your special day celebration. Just keep in mind that whatever entertainment element you pick for your wedding is truly engaging your guests and makes you happy!

Through this blog by Shaandaar Events, you can have a look at the Entertainment aspects of the wedding which will leave your guests in awe:

1. Wedding DJs

The most prominent and all-time favorite form of entertainment for any wedding is a DJ. A wedding looks imperfect without music as it is the foundation of any event. Music keeps the fervor of the party to the maximum as no one can even imagine attending a ceremony without shaking a leg. You can also put a DJ request box so that you can get rid of fuss overplayed tracks. It allows you to put your suggestions in the Request box so that the DJ gets familiar with the music in demand.  You can easily make arrangements for such DJs either contacting vendors or the in-house DJs of the banquet hall. DJs are the must-go part as it adds charm to the wedding entertainment.

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2. Live Bands

Live Bands

Unlike conventional DJs, Live Bands are the most trending wedding entertainment elements which may wow you. Arranging live bands would be great especially when it is backed with specified recommendations. You can also go for a rock band or retro theme if you intend to make the atmosphere splendid.

3. Gidda 

Gidda vala is viewed as the best entertainment aspect in weddings. It is a famous folk dance performed by the ladies of the village. It is inherited from the old dance called the ring dance and is as zestful as Bhangra. It embraces the class, beauty, and talent of the ladies. It is a colorful dance that adds beauty to the wedding ceremony and makes it memorable. The feminine often performs this folk dance doing rhythmic clapping accompanied by traditional folk songs.

4. Dhol 


Dhol vala is another character that comes with the huge entertainment at the wedding. It makes everyone dance at its beat. Nowadays the dhol players come in fantastic roles mainly during the wedding and other auspicious events. The Dhol vala guides the groom into the banquet hall carrying the baratis offering the energetic beats to dance and blast of entertainment. They also perform live on stage playing exclusive solo rhythms or backing tracks.

5. Classic Photo Booths

Classic Photo Booths

The theme-based classic photo booths are another fun-filled activity that creates an entertaining atmosphere at weddings. The idea of classic photo booths is always cherished at auspicious events. Be it a reception, anniversary, or birthday photographs are a means to mark the event that refreshes our memory after a time. The creative and theme-based photo booths entice the relatives to pose for a click. Arranging an amazing background will surely click some beautiful candid pictures to make your moment memorable and colorful.

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6. Grand Entry

Weddings in India are all about making a grand entry for the couple. Your graceful entry could be real fun that excites you as well as your relatives as it includes burning crackers, well decorated Doli, an area covered with colorful lamps, teasing a bride, and loudy baratis. There could be some modernized interesting entrances accompanied by traditional cultures that may wow you.

7. Fun-Filled Games

Games are another entertaining aspect at a wedding that makes a wedding look like a majestical night. Some of the most prominent games are given below:

Shoe Game(Joota Chupai)

Shoe Game(Joota Chupai)

Shoe Game is a popularised wedding game which is also known as Joota Chupai. It is fantastic and enchanting to play this adorable game. It is a kind of jovial ritual which has been transformed into a traditional game. It indulges both the groom’s and bride’s sides of the family, performing playful roles. The motive of this traditional game is to hide the groom’s shoe and the major role is played by the bride’s sister and other female relatives as they are the one who loot the shoe and do not return it until their monetary incentive gets fulfilled which is also known as Nek.

Giant Jenga

Want to add more fun to your wedding? Go with Giant Jenga!

Giant Jenga

Nowadays it is one of the most famous games played during weddings. This addictive game is a must-go game as it gives your guests a lot of exuberant and cheerful time. You can have small or giant blocks made up of wood set on the table with which you can play. The objective is to remove a block from the bottom and place it at the top and it continues till the time you made the tower crash.

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Treasure Hunt

Having arranged the treasure hunt at the wedding is another best fun-filled activity to do. Nowadays it is a popular way to catch the attention of the guests before the meal along with keeping the kids and younger guests amused.  The clues for the treasure hunt are set around the banquet hall, where the wedding is about to take place. It is well coordinated according to the theme of the wedding if required.

8. Karaoke

Organizing a karaoke after DJ or live band is also a great idea that can entice your relatives. When all are in the jovial mood to celebrate the ceremony with great energy, arranging a karaoke podium comes up with a lot of excitement and joy. This is an intriguing means to revive your memories of the ceremony later.

Now that you have some of the most unique and fun-filled entertainment aspects to add to your wedding, you can arrange for your wedding guests to enjoy and multiply the fun and happiness around you!

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