Guide to a Perfect Wedding Return Gift!

Wedding season has arrived, so it’s not unexpected for us to search for suitable presents for the would-be couple, however giving away return gifts was not that widely practiced earlier. But in recent times offering return gifts to the guests is turning into one courteous trend. Starting from the process of looking for auspicious wedding dates to finally giving return gifts to the guest we take care of every small thing for our wedding. So today let’s ponder upon the last stage i.e. return gifts for guests.

Receiving gifts certainly sounds fun, however, proffering one is a little hard. Let us at Shaandaar Events save your day and help you with the hard part of deciding and coming up with a suitable return gift for your guests to take home with them.

return gifts for wedding

What can be a return gift for a wedding?

Whatever your choice for a return gift of a wedding is, the most important thing is how you express your gratitude to your guests. There are a number of gift options when it comes to offering a return gift for a wedding. 

The most commonly given return gifts for weddings are some kind of religious statue or any other decor item. Indians are greatly known for their traditional values, that is the prime reason why these religious gifts hold such high value and are viewed as a perfect return gift for weddings.

Most commonly it is categorized by budget, a wide range of gift options are present in both affordable and high-end budgets.

wedding return gifts

Wedding Return Gift Hampers

The all-time favorite Hampers are the most common return gifts for weddings, you can customize the hampers according to your will and budget. 

An affordable Hamper of return gift for Weddings can include chocolates or any sweets, Thank you card, little velvet pouches, religious and traditional gifts like diyas, etc. On the other hand, a luxurious hamper basket can include a fancy silver bowl, silver religious statue, scented candles, crockery, jewelry pieces, wine bottles, etc.

best wedding return gifts for guests

Affordable Wedding Return Gifts

Losing sleep over finding a wedding gift under your budget? Other than that we are also presenting a wide range of options for affordable and nice return gifts for weddings.

Little pieces of oxidized jewelry

jewelry wedding return gift

Simple Jute Bags

jute bag wedding gift

Traditional Glass/ cups

traditional glass set wedding return gift

Key chains

tassle keyring

Religious decoration pieces

religious gift

Haldi / Kumkum box

haldi and kumkum box

Key Hanger

wooden key hanger

Wall hangings

wall hangings

Luxurious Wedding Return Gift Ideas for Guests

If you are planning on giving your guests some high-end return gifts, you can always opt for something made out of valuable metal, of which some options are;

Silver Decoration Items

silver figures

Silver bowl set with spoons

silver bowl set


champagne gift

Gold or Silver Coins

silver and gold coin

Shagun box with Sweets

wedding shagun box

Exotic Tea and coffee packs, jars, and mugs

tea set

Embroidered coin pouches

embroided coin pouches best wedding return gift

Crystal figurines

crystal figure wedding gift

Evil eye pendants

evil eye pendant return gifts for guests

Yes to Sustainable Gifts!

How about gifting your guests something which is also good for mother nature? People are opting for more sustainable options and we are here for it! Gifting a Plant sapling as a return gift idea for weddings is a new wave nowadays. Following our environment-friendly agenda, some more gifting options are organic fruit baskets, bonsai bamboo plants,  jute bags and boxes, locally made earthen lamps and pots, handmade jewelry pieces, etc.

plant sapling wedding return gift

DIY Return Gifts

Handmade return gifts can also be given to wedding guests. These DIY gifts are great options that give your presents a personal touch. You can put homemade stuff like cakes, muffins, cookies, sweets, and homemade jam, etc in this category.

wedding return gift home baked cupcakes

Theme Based Return Gifts

Nothing is better than some nice and cool theme-based gifts. Most weddings nowadays are based on a particular theme, the return gifts can always be something related to the theme. Taking an example of a Boho Chic theme wedding, the return gifts can be some pretty Dreamcatchers, Snowglobes for a fairytale themed wedding, etc

dreamcatcher return gift for weddings

Some Unique Return Gifts for Wedding Guests

Going a little unique is the way to go, you can always come up with some quirky and different return gift ideas for your guests, let us give you some cool and quirky suggestions for that,

Hand Fans

handfan as return gifts for guests

Miniature Lamps

Mini beverage bottle

mini beverage bottle return gifts for guests

Little Perfume Bottles

perfume bottle wedding return gift

Henna Themed Cookies

henna cookies as wedding return gifts

Where can you get the best return gifts for weddings?

You can get wedding return gifts online as well as in a physical store. You can always contact a seller who sells wholesale return gifts for weddings, they can provide you with n number of options and can also suggest the best suitable wedding gifts under your set budget. 

Online sites for buying a return gift for a wedding? Here they are!

return gifts for weddings

These gifts are just the physical form of expression of gratitude towards your guests for gracing the wedding with their presence. But one important thing is that ‘there is no gift bigger than a sincere thank you!’

So go ahead and thank all of your guests with a heartfelt smile!

Looking for the perfect wedding return gift?

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