Hindu Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas & Latest Trends

Hindu Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas & Latest Trends – In Hindu culture, a wedding is stated as a sacred bond not only between two individuals but also between two families.  Here, the mandap is the centre stage that symbolizes the union of the couple around the scared “agni”. Decorating a mandap needs to be done carefully and there are several ways to do it. Choosing one decor theme can be daunting. That’s why we are here with the list of Hindu marriage wedding stage decoration ideas & latest trends. We curated this list by compiling the different ideas backed by expert wedding event planners in India. 

Hindu Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas & Latest Trends

Latest wedding decoration trends, couples like to reflect their personality, style, and even cultural heritage. Whatever your aesthetic,  traditional or minimalistic, this is your day and you must decorate the way you want. Being the most trusted name in the event management companies in India, the Shaandaar team came across the most unique decor requirements that we gladly took into reality. We have listed the trending wedding stage decoration ideas that you can take inspiration from. 

#1. Traditional Elegance 

Even though everything keeps upgrading like your phone, couples want their wedding decor to be traditional and must include red gold color palette, drapes, lighting, and of course flowers (marigolds, roses, and jasmine). To give that lavish look, you can use props such as silk drapes, and brass lamps. Also,  you can add some beautiful & colourful rangoli designs that make the traditional wedding decor complete. There is no way to do wrong and traditional decoration is mostly preferred by couples to this day. 

#2. Minimalistic Charm 

A minimalistic lifestyle has gained popularity in the past few years. The minimalistic Indian wedding is full of elegance and simplicity. To get that look, you just require soft pastel shades, and semi-transparent drapes with clean lines, along with floral arrangements. Also, to complete the look, added some subtle lighting. A serene ambience works best for an intimate Indian wedding. That’s why Minimal wedding decor needs to be added to the list of the latest trends in Hindu Marriage stage decorations. 

#3. Rustic & Vintage Vibes 

For all the vintage lovers out there, adding a rustic & vintage decor theme works best for you. Starts with adding some earthy tones such as brown, beige, and olive green. Also, add a few vintage props like lanterns, wooden arches, and rustic floral arrangements to complete the look. Rustic and vintage wedding decor is among the most demanding themes these days due to its timeless and charming settings. So, if you are confused about which stage decor, then just go with a rust & vintage decoration theme. 

#4. Bohemian Chic

How can we forget our all-time favourite Bohemian wedding decor? Bohemian-themed wedding decoration is the new trend that can characterized by its colorful and funky props. There are several props that you can add to the Bohemian theme such as macrame hangings, dreamcatchers, and mismatched textiles. A playful theme Bohemian is the perfect match for all the free-spirited couples this wedding season. Bohemian perfect for an intimate destination wedding

#5. Royal Extravaganza 

There is no escape to royal-themed decor when it comes to the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Royal weddings are lavish and filled with glittering golden-emerald-inspired decor inspired by India’s rich heritage of Rajputanas. At some point, everyone fantasised about having an extravagant royal wedding.  Grand chandeliers, huge drapes, and big furniture are a must. Coming to the colours, we prefer red-golden colours to make it bold and luxurious. 

#6. Floral Wonderland 

Floral is the go-to theme when you need a fairytale-inspired theme for your wedding. Flowers make everything beautiful and fill the void with joy & happiness. For creating a breathtaking stage decoration, we recommend you use a variety of flowers along with some greenery. After that, add some lighting to complete the decor. The most people preferred flowers for decoration at Indian weddings are roses, orchids, lilies, and marigolds. That’s why floral decor has to be on the list of Hindu marriage wedding stage decorations. 

#7. Fusion 

Nothing can go wrong if you want to mix up things a little, only in the case of decoration. To make something unique, we recommend you mix up the themes you liked the most. This not only gives you the freedom to explore different styles but also gives a personalized touch. For example, you can add some old photos from the vintage look, add floral inspiration from the floral decor, and add bold colours to make it look lavish & extravagant. Moreover, you can get your inspiration from different cultures and make it a unique wedding decor that represents you. 

Final Takeaway 

A wedding is the most important event in anyone’s life and decorating the centre stage has to be taken care of strictly. With riding social media influence, there are always new trends for decorating the stage. But one should understand the significance of marriage as per the Hindu religion and this will definitely help you to find the best theme for your wedding. So, this was all about the Hindu marriage wedding stage decoration ideas & latest trends. If you need any expert help, feel free to reach out to Shaandaar Events! Always remember for the perfect decoration in your wedding, choose the theme & style that reflects you & your partner. After all this your day and everything has to be about you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What is the importance of a wedding stage in a Hindu Wedding ritual?

Answer – The wedding stage is the focal point of a Hindu wedding where the couple receives blessings and exchanges vows. The wedding stage is where the celebration begins. 

Question – How early one should start planning a wedding?

Answer – We advise you to start planning your wedding at least 4-6 months before the wedding date. 

Question – What kind of lighting works best for Indian weddings?

Answer – You can use a combination of booth soft, and warm lighting. Also, add some coloured LEDs to enhance the wedding stage.