How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue!

Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue. When talking about a wedding there are numerous aspects you need to consider ranging from the decor to outfits. But one of the most important elements you need to finalize early on is the wedding venue!

In any case, picking the perfect venue can be a cycle that requires days on end, is overpowering and hard. To guide you through your wedding venue selection process, we at Shaandaar Events are providing you with this piece of content so that you can be fully prepared to pick your dream wedding venue for yourself.


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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Let’s start with asking some basic questions regarding Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue;

  • Are you looking for a Local or Destination wedding venue?
  • Do you want a luxurious wedding or a small intimate wedding?
  • What is your Budget?
  • Do you have any particular themes in mind?
  • How many guests are you expecting at the wedding?
  • Are you planning a wedding for outdoor wedding venues or indoor wedding venues?
  • What is the main requirement for your perfect wedding venue?

These few questions will help you come up with the basic and most important needs you are looking for in your choice of venue for your D-Day! Now let’s discuss these points in detail which will help you land on your dream wedding venue.


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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Local Or Destination Wedding? – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

Firstly you need to make a decision if you want to go to a local or a destination wedding. You can go to a venue far away from your home or a wedding venue near you. After making this decision you can move further on your search.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Focus On Your Wedding Budget – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

One thing you need to be clear about before starting a hunt for a wedding venue is your budget. Having a clear budget in your mind helps you to filter out the venues which do not fit under your budget. A great way to allocate your budget is to separate it. You can prioritize more important aspects and after that the lesser important ones. In the case of a wedding, your primary concern regarding the wedding venue budget is the basic rent of the venue, but one thing to be noted is that the budget just not only includes the cost of renting the place but also includes additional hidden costs which may add up to a lot once accumulated. Your venue budget must include expenses for the rent, decor, and additional wedding fates.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Availability Of The Wedding Venue – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

Another thing you need to need to make sure about is the availability of the shortlisted venues. You need to ensure that your selected venue is free to host your wedding on a fixed wedding date. Focusing on the availability of the venue automatically eliminates the non-feasible options and leaves you with venues available for your wedding day.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Vision Or Theme For The Wedding – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

After finalizing your budget, you need to figure out if you have any specific type of venue in your mind or have a particular theme you want for your wedding day. The venue you are going for must be according to your vision. Your venue selection will depend on what your choice is for the theme and vibe of the wedding like do you prefer an outdoor wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding, or any other theme. These selections act as filters for your options, you can shortlist a handful of venues that suit your vision and narrow down your choices to the best suitable and beautiful wedding venues.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Nearby Accommodations And Surroundings – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

As well as ensuring the actual venue addresses your needs, make certain to likewise ponder the venue’s surrounding area. In case your wedding guests are staying at the same place, you need to make sure the venue has enough rooms available for everyone. For instance, on the off chance that you pick a separated palace or outbuilding in the open country, it very well may be hard for your wedding guests to discover convenience nearby.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Capacity Of The Wedding Venue – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

The total number of guests who will be present at the wedding affects the choice of venues greatly. If you are having a big fat wedding with a large number of guests you have to go to venues with more high capacity wedding venues and similarly if you are going in for an intimate wedding function you can have a smaller wedding venue with fewer guests capacity.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Availability Of In-house Catering Services – Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

Dreaming about hiring your favorite caterer for your special day? Make sure you know about the catering system of your shortlisted venues. Certain times, some of the wedding venues provide in-house catering services which are normally truly costly and accordingly implies that this particular venue might push your budget plan far. In these situations, if you are planning on getting your own personal caterer it may not be permitted by the venue to do so. So if you are want to hire only your favorite caterers, you need to filter out the venues which do not allow outside catering services.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue


Talk To Your Wedding Planner For Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

To simplify the process of finding a perfect wedding venue you can just hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners like us, Shaandaar Events will take care of all the wedding-related hustle on your behalf. You can discuss your requirements with us and we will assist you with the best wedding venues which are most suitable for you while keeping in mind all of your filters. We provide you with a custom list of wedding venues falling under your budget with availability on the wedding date. On top of that, we also assist you in finalizing the theme and theme-related decor and everything. Making us the one-stop destination for all your wedding-related concerns.

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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Venue

After everything now when you have narrowed down your list of venues to a few options, you can go ahead and do some site visits to make sure the venues you are going ahead with suit your general vibe and you can finally end up with the best suitable venue for your dream wedding.

Just make sure you get ‘the feeling’, from your selected venue. Every wedding is beautiful but yours should be unique!

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