How to make your dream wedding – A Theme wedding?

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After planning your wedding date, venue and outfits another important thing is planning the theme of your wedding. Your wedding theme needs to be very impressive as it pulls your wedding ceremony together. Once you decide the wedding theme then you can easily  decide other things for your wedding venue.

There are various unique wedding ideas that you can consider to plan your theme wedding. Theme wedding comes in every size and shape. There should be a theme of the wedding because the theme wedding shows a vibe, feeling and different color scheme for making your dream wedding perfect. Your wedding can be of any theme like any colored theme wedding, fairytale theme wedding, romantic theme wedding etc whichever your taste is.

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A planned theme wedding gives you various unique wedding ideas for your wedding decoration color scheme, décor options and even wedding outfits. A planned theme wedding can make you feel orchestrated and organized on your wedding day. Once the theme is planned it will help you plan every other wedding process easily.

Theme wedding can make you feel your wedding is a personalized wedding. Personalized wedding ceremony and venue to create a kind celebration is a theme in its own right. Here, a personalized wedding means the combined aesthetic of you and your partner as it is your day.

You must be thinking that the theme wedding and personalized wedding is going to take all your efforts but it is not true. You don’t need to exaggerate anything because not all weddings require your high effort. Minimal style weddings are also a theme.

Let’s discuss different unique wedding ideas for your best theme wedding and personalized wedding.

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Rustic Theme Wedding

This unique wedding idea based on rustic themes includes natural texture, casual dress code, wood elements, hand tied  bouquet, mismatched vases and floral with greenery decoration. The flavor of this theme is antique Victorian and it is perfect for outdoor ceremonies.

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Vintage Theme Wedding

A vintage theme wedding is an old-fashioned theme which includes vintage pops and retro décor. A venue for a vintage themed wedding should be like classic architecture mixed with modern luxuries.

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Disney Theme Wedding

This unique wedding idea will make your wedding day a magical one filled with laughter and love. Disney themed weddings will make you feel like a Disney Princess.

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Fairytale Theme Wedding

Fairytale themed weddings include beautiful flowers bouquets and elegant décor. This unique wedding idea will make the couple feel like Prince and Princess and also feel like actually a dream fairytale wedding.

Pastel Theme Wedding

Pastel Theme Wedding

Couples who want to go with a soft and elegant theme then a pastel theme wedding is perfect. Choose this unique wedding idea for a peaceful and charming vibe.

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Peacock Theme Wedding

As we all know that old is gold. Peacock is the oldest and traditional sign in Indian weddings. It is considered lucky in Indian mythology.  Couples can go for a Peacock theme wedding who believe in these beliefs as peacock in your décor never goes wrong.

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Bollywood Theme Wedding

Couples who are diehard fans of the Bollywood industry can go for this unique wedding idea. Bollywood themed weddings feel like personalized weddings. It includes Bollywood décor and Bollywood theme cake and sitting arrangement.

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Romantic Theme Wedding

Romantic themed weddings have soft hues, delegation lighting and plenty of florals all round. Everything feels like a sign of love. There is romance spread everywhere in this unique wedding idea.

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Royal Theme Wedding

The royal theme wedding is decorated in a way that fits for royalty. elegant and simple decor in royal weddings is the inspiration from Mughal Décor.

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Garden Theme Wedding

Couples who love plants can go for garden themed weddings. Garden theme weddings can make some beautiful, breathtaking and unique wedding ideas. It includes elements like elegant flowers, floral wedding invitations, beautiful garden bouquets, floral adorned cake etc.


Bohemian Theme Wedding

Making your wedding day special with exotic and unconventional décor is such a unique wedding idea. Bohemian themed weddings include dream catchers, floral crowns, airy dresses, floral table runners etc.

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Pink Theme Wedding

Pink decor is liked by almost everybody. It looks cute and beautiful. Couples who want unique and floral decoration can go for a pink theme wedding. As pink roses never fail to spread beauty.

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Stay Under Umbrella Theme Wedding

Umbrella theme weddings are another unique wedding idea. Using an umbrella as a wedding décor element rather than a prop is a creative idea. Umbrella themed weddings give very pleasant vibes.

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Beach Theme Wedding

Beach theme weddings can be done in two ways. Either look for a beautiful beach venue or give your venue a beach theme. Both are unique wedding ideas.

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Rainbow Theme Wedding

Couples who want a colorful and vibrant atmosphere on their big day can go for a rainbow themed wedding. You can make a rainbow theme with multi color drapes, tassels and lights that would look great on your wedding ceremony.

Out of such a beautiful theme you must be thinking that choosing a wedding theme is difficult. You and your partner just need to figure out your taste, personalities and preferences so that you can decide one theme. Only you and your partner can decide if you want an elegant, casual or formal theme and once you decide the theme that matches you two as a couple then you can begin the planning of your wedding ceremony.