International Destination Wedding in Italy

As they say, ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ is right but performing them happens on earth. When two people see each other and agree to marry, the main planning of the destination comes first. It could be an arranged marriage or a love marriage, but the excitement is there within the relatives from both sides. The first plan about deciding the venue for the wedding comes on the table and then starts the debate. Seldom do all people agree on a single suggestion as there is a hoard of names suggested by each one.

The would-be bride and groom are not much excited about the venue, but the destination wedding plan depends on them only. With the ever-changing choices of people and a good chunk of money at hand, it is not surprising that most couples choose destination weddings in Italy. As per current fashion, the event management company is called for, and once the company is finalized, it takes the overall charge of management till the wedding accomplishes.

If the destination wedding is out of the country, then there are two options: to hire a local event management company and hire it in the country itself. Since most people are not aware of the local teams, they prefer to hire within the country, and here one name is best suited for Shaandaar Events. We are the proud runner of this business and always ensure the customer’s satisfaction. We are also known for not looking at it just for profit but like to build a relationship with people.

We proudly announce that we work for a destination wedding in Italy and promise to make it a grand event for families on both sides. We feel it our responsibility to suggest good things in favor of both parties, and we also ensure to inform them of any changes. For the destination wedding in Italy, Shaandaar Events first suggest choosing the right time for the wedding. Being the front-runner in the business and knowing about the country, we also indicate the arrival plan of the guests depending upon their relationship with the bride or groom.

As our customers know, we offer a comprehensive package with a proper plan of the events. Once you appoint us to do the job, we take care of all the things while also taking pride in listening to your suggestions. The whole plan is made and shared with the customer through a one-point contact. We prefer our customers nominate one responsible person with whom we can communicate properly. Our approach makes things much more manageable as dealing with many people for the same things makes it complicated.

In Italy, though each venue is astonishing, we make the customer’s choice easy by short-listing the venues. We suggest the best options, which, usually, a customer finds difficult to reject. We are well-versed with a wedding planner and make no things left undone or delayed to the eleventh hour. Prompt, accurate, and satisfactory services are our biggest traits. We feel proud to have The Oberoi, Hyatt Regency, Ramada Plaza, Golden Tulip, Holiday Inn, and JW Marriott as our venue partners, whose introduction needs no words. Thus we can carry out the destination weddings at one of the best places in the world.

A wedding is not only a ceremony which ties bride and groom but two families. We weigh both as high and ensure each guest gets the best of the moment to celebrate. Maintaining a good relationship is our team’s important aim, and every member of Shaandaar Events is aware of how to do it. We hire people based on their talent and give them the best opportunity to work efficiently. We also see all the attendees at the wedding as family members and treat each one special.

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Resorts in Italy

Going overseas for a destination wedding needs extra planning to adhere to the procedures, and many things have to be followed in the countries like Italy. We also support logistics and guide the customer on what they need to comply with the rules. We prefer our team to visit ahead of the wedding date to complete the formalities. Shaandaar Events always look beyond the business and insist on giving our customer the best memorable moments of their lifetime. We help the bride and groom remember the day as one of their best in life.

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