ITC Maurya

For decades, this luxurious and magnificent hotel has been the favored residence of international leaders and global celebrities. ITC Maurya is located in the diplomatic enclave of the Indian capital and is inspired by the architectural styles of the historic Mauryan dynasty. The hotel’s 413 rooms and 25 suites are designed and furnished in a genuinely majestic and regal style. ITC Maurya has three banquet halls, which are renowned in the Indian capital as one of the most sought-after sites for weddings and social gatherings. The Kamal Mahal can be tailored for a variety of occasions. Weddings, receptions, and cocktail parties can all be held on the beautiful Nandiya grounds. Bukhara, Dum Pukht, and a variety of exquisite world cuisines are among the internationally famous cuisine offerings here.

ITC Maurya has been at the vanguard of the company’s crusade to highlight India’s and the world’s finest culinary heritage. Bukhara is known for bringing the practically unknown culinary traditions of the North-West Frontier. Dum Pukht is a well-known place for discovering the nuanced flavors made in Avadhi nawabs’ kitchens. Tian, the Asian cuisine studio, creates unique cuisine based on East Asian and international recipes. From its rooftop position, Ottimo at West View offers panoramic views of the hotel’s greenery and serves a novel touch on contemporary western cuisine. At the poolside deck, Ira, the Waterside Bar, is ideal for a quiet getaway while enjoying its excellent beverage selection. The Golf Bar is designed to look like an English country club and is filled with the spirit of golf legends. Samaya is a charming tea lounge that offers a wide range of classic beverages and small bites. In a serene setting, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa is a fragrant paradise of traditional and modern relaxing spas and therapies in a tranquil environment.

Destination Wedding in ITC Maurya

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