ITC Rajputana allows visitors to immerse themselves in the romance and grandeur of the bygone past. Its imposing design was inspired by the imposing architecture of Rajasthan’s ancient havelis, and ITC Rajputana  is situated in the center of the city. The numerous floors of ITC Rajputana rise elegantly around the central atrium, which is surrounded by an attractive red brick facade. At ITC Rajputana Long hallways, private courtyards, and the sound of fountains tinkling evoke a bygone era. Modern, minimalist design that is infused with this aesthetic makes ITC Rajputana  a genuinely distinguished host in Jaipur.

Jaipur’s historic legacy makes ITC Rajputana the most desired destination foor weddings.And the perfect combination of luxury,exclusivity and majesty makes ITC Rajputana preferred host in the city. A variety of venues at ITC Rajputana for gatherings large and small are available. At ITC Rajputana Equisite decor,global cuisine and well-trained staff complete the picture..

Design and Detailing at ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana was created to evoke the essence of Rajasthan by echoing the region’s historic havelis. ITC Rajputana ‘s red brick facade, lengthy hallways, private courtyards, and simplified lattice work all reference Rajasthani architecture in a sleek, uncluttered, and contemporary manner.

Cuisine at ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana has a lot to offer, from the characteristic food enjoyed by “Kalanders of Urs” at a “Musafir-Khana” to the modern world cuisine. Jaipur is a reminder of the State’s fabled culinary past, from the byways of Old City to the magnificent spread of the famed royal abodes.

Wellbeing at ITC Rajputana

At ITC Rajputana, wellness, fitness, and inner tranquilly are subtly encouraged. Award-winning treatments are available at Kaya Kalp – The Spa. Professional salon services, a tranquil pool, and the newest fitness equipment are all nearby. Expect individualised attention.

Sustainability at ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana , which is LEED Platinum certified, makes sure that the promise of luxury is kept while the earth is sensitively preserved. In order to provide genuine indigenous experiences and have a beneficial influence on the environment and community, the hotel operations are run sustainably.

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