Katrina Kaif Bridal lehenga – An Inspiration For Millennial Brides.

As we all know that Bollywood brides are trendsetters either it is Anushka Sharma or Priyanka Chopra. Every Bollywood bride gives new hope and trend of bridal lehenga to millennial brides. When Anushka Sharma got married she opened gates for bridal lehenga other than red . She made millennial brides try out new colors of bridal lehenga other than red. In the same way Priyanka Chopra opened gates for pure red bridal lehenga with no other color or embroidery work on it.

Our latest Bollywood bride Katrina Kaif has done the same thing. The Katrina Kaif influenced a lot of millennial brides to wear red bridal lehenga. Katrina Kaif has made everyone fall in love with red and gold combo bridal lehenga.

Katrina Kaif the hot and beautiful Bollywood actress knows how to pull off the perfect outfit for any occasion. The Katrina Kaif always chooses to wear something simple yet stylish. Her simple formula is Never to compromise on comfort. Katrina Kaif applied the same formula for her bridal lehenga. Her wardrobe has collections of Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna and Anita Dongre. 

Katrina Kaif for her wedding day or you can say for her big day chooses to wear a classic Sabyasachi hand woven silk red bridal lehenga. It featured embroidered zardozi border in velvet and was decked in fine tila work. Katrina Kaif Sabyasachi bridal lehenga was designed to pay homage to her groom’s Punjabi roots. On her wedding day Katrina Kaif’s head was covered with a custom trimmed veil embellished in handmade Kiran and hand beaten silver electroplated in gold.

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Katrina Kaif wore heavy jewelry on her wedding day which include heavy gold choker with uncut diamonds and hand strung pearls, matching jhumka earring, a traditional nath, a dual mathapati and custom made kaliras. The Katrina Kaif’s bridal look and especially her bridal lehenga took our hearts and so of the latest millennial brides after getting inspired by Katrina Kaif. So many brides wore similar bridal lehenga as Katrina Kaif and styled it in their own way.

Here are the top brides to take a look at their bridal lehengas which are Katrina Kaif inspired.

Lotus Motifs on Bridal Lehenga

The whole look of this bride reminds us of Katrina Kaif’s wedding look. The color combination of her wedding Lehenga is same as Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga. Lotus like motifs on her skirt and The golden border of her skirt reminded us of Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga skirt. Plunging neck blouse with heavy jewelry and kaliras with the same bridal lehenga look as Katrina Kaif.

Double Dupatta Styling with Bridal Lehenga

Dupattas! a significant element. Katrina Kaif styled her Red Wedding lehenga with a double dupatta. This bride also wears a double dupatta with a red bridal lehenga but in a different way. More common things we can observe is the polkis involved in wedding lehenga and the border of the dupatta on her wedding lehenga is same as Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga.

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Red Bridal Lehenga with a Fringe Dupatta

This bride chooses red paneled bridal lehenga with a fringed dupatta. She took the Single dupatta route. She is wearing gold jewelry just like Katrina Kaif. Here, we can see how she is inspired by Katrina Kaif’s wedding lehenga look.

Combination of Gold And Red in Bridal Lehenga

She’s one of the brides who wore the same wedding lehenga as Katrina Kaif in a different way. She chooses doubled dupatta, combination of red and gold, stacked bangles, the cascading bib necklace and mathapatti that has enhanced her wedding lehenga looks and makes her look exactly like Katrina Kaif.

Layered Kaleera

This bride wore a red and gold wedding lehenga with flared choker and layered kaleeras. Her wedding lehenga is giving so traditional vibes just as Katrina Kaif.

Heavy Shoulder Single Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga

This bride wore her wedding lehenga in a different way. She has used the Katrina Kaif formula of not compromising with comfort. Ditching bridal bun and double dupatta theory, she curls her hair and keeps it open which gives a stylish look. Her wedding lehenga look includes an understated skirt and complemented her red bridal lehenga with a statement borla sis patti and a vintage jaal dupatta.

Heavy Shoulder Doubled Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga

Another bride inspired by Katrina Kaif wore an understated wedding lehenga with heavy jewelry. Not only jewelry heavy but her style of dupatta is so heavy and royal. She added a hint of tangerine with her shoulder dupatta to break the monotony.

Bridal Lehenga with Different Motifs but Same Blouse

This bride chooses the same wedding lehenga as Katrina Kaif but has  different motifs on it. She wore the same blouse as Katrina Kaif. She picked a fringed head dupatta again just like Katrina Kaif and teamed it up with a collar necklace and huge danglers. Her wedding lehenga is totally vibrating with Katrina Kaif’s wedding lehenga.

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Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga

This bride wore Sabyasachi Red Wedding lehenga that gives us resemblance to Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga. Her chunky hand jewelry is so unique, hairstyle of braids took her look a notch up. The combination of red and gold and blouse of her wedding lehenga is so aesthetic just like Katrina Kaif.

So, these are the top nine brides that styled their wedding lehenga inspired by Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga. Do you like their looks? If yes! Then go inspire more millennial brides to get wedding lehenga just like Katrina Kaif wedding lehenga.

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