Looking For Trendy Bridal Hairstyles, Here’s What We’ve Got!!

A bridal beauty is incomplete without a bridal hairstyle. Just like wedding decors are strangulated with flowers to give out that ambience, the bridal hairstyles are too given character when decorated with flowers. Floral buns are the spirit of the bridal hairstyles from generations Be it mogra or rose, lilies or baby breaths, all of them just add so much character to your bridal hairstyle making it worth the time and money. Flowers give you that feeling of positivity and intimacy that a bride requisites when she is dealing with the nervousness in her body through these floral buns. What makes floral buns stand out from the rest is the way flowers are patronized on those luscious strands. Looking for some “hatke” bridal hairstyles in floral buns, here are a few ideas that would blow your minds. 

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The Whites Rocking your Bridal Hairstyle

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This bridal hairstyle is perfect if you are a “big and bold” loving bride. With two different flowers fused together, this floral bun gives you that massive voluminous hair on your wedding day. Rajnigandha and baby breaths together white washing your bridal hairstyle in floral buns looks nothing but angelic. The messy yet detailed front with the low bun with full coverage of flowers is a perfect bridal hairstyle if you wish for a regal look. 

Neat and Clean always Speak Attractive in Bridal Hairstyle

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This bridal hairstyle with a front slicked back, low floral bun is designed so finely that every strand of this floral bun can be distinct from one another. Decorated with artificial flowers in white roses and white herbs, this bridal hairstyle resembles you as the minimalist yet fashion forward bride. With only the top half of the floral bun covered with flowers, this bridal hairstyle looks so attractive with the outfit this bride is wearing. Both go so well together, the white attire with a beautiful bridal hairstyle incorporated with artificial white flowers molded into a modish floral bun.


Don’t just Bangles with your outfit, Match Flowers too


This bride has taken the bridal hairstyles to a whole new level. Having every single color of her outfit infused onto her hair, I bet, the flowers in this floral bun are definitely so delicately chosen to design this peacock inspired look. The hues of the blue flowers perfectly matches the shade of her intricately designed blouse. The baby breaths in both pink and yellow seem like they were dyed together with the embroidered dupatta. This bridal hairstyle looks so dreamy and perfect with these distinctly coloured flowers that this floral bun becomes our definite favorite.

Roses are Red and Comined with Baby Breaths they Look the Best


This bridal hairstyle gives you a floral bun with your favorite red roses entwined with the baby breath flowers into a donut shaped bouquet. With perfectly sleeked hair and side parted front hair, this bridal hairstyle gives you that bona fide bridal look with a smooth lower floral bun netted at the back. This bridal hairstyle in floral buns goes so well with that dark maroon bridal lehenga of this bride. If you are planning to wear a lehenga of this sort, this bridal hairstyle decorated with deep red roses and little white baby breaths will surely be a great choice.

Diversity is The New Elegance in Bridal Hairstyles

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Why must you limit your floral buns to a single flower rather, experiment with the variety of options nature gives. This bridal hairstyle is best for a day or spring wedding. The flowers of all sorts give that liveliness to the floral bun along with the colors that align so well with the white outfit of the bride. This messy bridal hairstyle in floral bun has lilies, roses in a variety of shades, orchids, baby breaths which overall gives you that graceful bridal look. If you are loving your whites, then you’ll love this bridal hairstyle in a floral bun which will accentuate the beauty within you.

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Pinks are Always Perfect in Bridal Hairstyle

Your color choices speak a lot about you. Sticking to the pastel pinks speaks peace and neutrality. This bridal hairstyle in floral buns shows just that with those white and pink inserts that cover the entire back of your head. This bridal hairstyle will be perfect for an intimate wedding as this floral bun looks so light and delicate with the white and pink flowers. Wear this floral bun as a wedding guest too, it will look so enchanting, simple and exquisite. Flowers always tend to beautify everything that they are commemorated with, the same mantra is followed when it comes to bridal hairstyles. Look how graceful this bride looks with the pink and white flowers decorated into her tresses.

Scorched Flowers are the New Chic in Bridal Hairstyle


You don’t always need fresh or bloomed flowers to create that authentic look. Take a look at the floral bun of this bride, intricately covered at the edges with artificially coloured in gold stiff rose petals and baby breaths to give you that contemporary look through your bridal hairstyle. How modern the bridal hairstyle of this coming of age bride looks, it’s just so dazzling. With those curled locks hanging down her ears to a volumized finely patterned strands, altogether complements this bridal hairstyle with the outfit of the bride.

Figure out the Best Pattern for your Bridal Hairstyle Decor

Do not tend to bound yourself to circles, open yourself to trying new patterns in your floral buns. This bridal hairstyle looks so simple yet classy, with little flowers of baby breaths arranged to perfection creating a meander sort of path from the side front to the back of the floral bun. Keeping the bridal hairstyle simple and minimal, this bride matched the flowers to her outfit so well that it gives her that dainty look that we are absolutely loving. Try arranging flowers in your bridal hairstyle or floral buns in certain patterns that would emphasize your overall traditional look.


Messy Hair or Messy Flowers!  (I Guess Both)

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Messy bridal hairstyles are common in our christian brides. This floral bun in bridal hairstyles gives a sentimental look, especially when paired with those blush pink flowers. The locks that fall all the way down on her back just adorns the messy look of this bridal hairstyle. Little pink flowers hither and thither all over the floral bun gives that princess vibes that a girl looks for on her wedding day. If you are planning to wear a beautiful backless wedding outfit, this messy bridal hairstyle designed as a floral bun must be your sincere go to.

Orange Roses too can give you a Statement Bridal Hairstyle

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Why cling onto red roses when you have a variety of other options. Be a guest at a wedding or the bride yourself, try decorating your bridal hairstyle with some neutral orangey shades of roses and be that innovative one in the crowd. Go ahead and tie your tresse to a messy floral bun and move around with the best bridal hairstyle that would wow everyone. If you have those highlighted strands of hair, these flowers in orange shade would be highlighted even more giving you that poised look that you desire.

There is a vast list when it comes to bridal hairstyles. These were a few options that we loved when it comes to bridal hairstyles in floral bun. These bridal hairstyles in updos will definitely create wonders when it comes to your desired authentic look with all those outfits, jewelries and floral buns, all when accompanied together will make you shine the brightest in the crowd. Bridal hairstyles can give you that luxurious look with big and bold floral buns, or simple yet elegant look with minimal usage of flowers. Bridal hairstyles create a statement that will easily distinguish you from the crowd as either the bride or the guest at the wedding. Apart from the updos, there are diverse bridal hairstyles with open hair that could be decorated with beautiful flowers or hair accessories.


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