Make Your Wedding More Welcoming With Cute Mehendi Favor For Your Guests

Mehendi favors are the biggest and newest trends in modern day weddings. From choosing the best decor and clothes to deciding on the most unique gift to give as mehendi favors, everything is well thought of. The return gifts will make your guests feel heartily welcomed. Mehendi favors will bookmark your crowd as your own. The return gifts that you plan to give should venture into your theme. Make them unique gifts by getting a millions of color options that would create jazziness in your mehendi ceremony. Return gifts or mehendi favors must be appealing to your guests, these return gifts should depict good luck and prosperity. Your return gifts must shout amusement. 

Here are some amazing DIY mehendi favor ideas that your guests are inevitably going to love. These return gifts are best to show your gratitude to your dear one. The simplicity yet majestic look of these mehendi favors make them a unique gift for your crowd.

The Dreamy  Dreamcatchers: The Cutesy Mehendi Favor


Who doesn’t love dreamcatchers? These mini dreamcatchers are perfect for mehendi favors. This return gift seems so lovely and wishes positivity to your guests. When it comes to giving unique gifts, dreamcatchers must be your first choice. Make your guests feel more welcomed with these cute little mehendi favors. This mehendi favors in bright pastel colors gives so much of that optimistic vibes. Don’t be clueless, this unique gift can be your best choice.

Poltis Filled With Love: Mehendi Favor That Will Excite You

potli bags

These potlis as mehendi favors are just so exciting and a unique gift to bestow your lovely guests with. Fill these mehendi favor potlis with some almonds and cashews and offer your gratitude to your loved ones. Try offering this unique gift and get all the blessings you want at your mehendi ceremony. These unique gifts of potlis are available in various designs that would blow your mind. These mehendi favor potlis are surely hard to choose from.

Little Elephants For The Guests To Cherish: Mehendi Favors To Wish Goodluck

elephant toys 2

Just the look of elephants brings prosperity, this mehendi favor promises to do the same. This unique gift brings the presence of Lord Ganesha into our homes and offering this as a return gift is surely the best idea. These handmade Mehendi favors with the looks of Ganesha are so mesmerizing that your guests are certainly going to love this return gift. Mehendi favors like this are forever cherished. This unique gift will bless your guests with prosperity.

Lights, Camera And Fragrance

candles 2

Aren’t these scented candles the perfect mehendi favor? This mehendi favor ticks all the boxes that resembles love, compassion and embrace. This unique gift is so spiritual on its own with the beautiful packaging, be it intricate patterns or cute little boxes with small bouquets of flowers placed on the top. These scented candles will be surely admired as mehendi favors by your guests. Offer fragrance to your guests with this unique gift as your mehendi favor.

Best Mehendi Favor For Your Bridesmaid

gota jewelry

Who doesn’t love jewelry pieces as mehendi favors. We love it and sure will your bridesmaids and every other female guest. This unique gift is so pretty with little embellishments and gota works that it sure makes it to the list of best return gifts for guests. Gota jewelry as a mehendi favor comes in various designs and in sets that would help you own your squad. As fun loving and lively your bridesmaid are, only a unique gift like this does justice to their arrival. What are you waiting for, get these return gifts as mehendi favors for your unique bridesmaids.

Keys To The Best Mehendi Ceremony: Mehendi Favors To Cherish Forever

keychain 2

Keychains are simple yet meaningful return gifts. Grab some key chains and offer these to your guests as mehendi favors. We are sure, they are going to appreciate this kind gesture of yours through this unique gift. You might find a million options for these mehendi favors. However, these are some latest handmade keychain designs which would be a unique gift for your relatives and friends. Keep it simple yet classy when deciding what to offer as mehendi favors.

Eco-Friendly Mehendi Favors Are a Big Yes

potted plants

Be a nature lover and give these potted plants as mehendi favors to your near and dear ones. These will be a unique gift with those cute little messages carved on the pot or placed on top of the pot. This return gift is the best way for thanking your guests and for making them feel more invited. Mehendi favors are best appreciated when it is usable and these mini potted plants as mehendi favors wish an evergreen life to your guests.

Tassel Jewelry: The Trendy Mehendi Favors


Tassel jewelry has become really trendy recently. Offering these as mehendi favors is a really cool idea when it comes to brainstorming for return gifts. This unique gift as mehendi favors will create wonders with its perky style. This mehendi favor will favor your girl gang out there. If you are planning to give this as a return gift, we bet your squad is going to rock these tassel jewelry as mehendi favors. They are just so colorful and vibrant that this mehendi favor speaks for that perfect return gift which surely will be appreciated when it is handmade and that is what will make it a unique gift.

The Beauty Lies In Colors: The Mehendi Favors To Bring Vibrance

zari bangles

When we speak of mehendi favors we mean a lot of colors. This return gift just gives you that. The hand embroidered zari work on these bangles  is what makes them a unique gift. These zari bangles as mehendi favors appear to be the best choice as a return gift. You can distinguish your crowd from far away with these return gifts as your mehendi favors. Everyone wearing zari bangles that you gifted them will look so lively that you would keep some of these mehendi favors for yourself too. .

Pocket Mirrors Are Our Personal Favorite Mehendi Favors

pocket mirror 2

These little pocket mirrors are just so cute and alluring as mehendi favors. If you’ve got a christian wedding the rosy mirror palette as a return gift would go well with your white and pastel theme. Mehendi favors in Indian wedding favors propose to be more on the ethnic side. These pocket mirrors covered with beautiful colorful patterns make them a unique gift for your guests. Mehendi favors of this sort are just so reminiscent that your guests will undoubtedly love your efforts on choosing the best mehendi favors.

These tiny and cute mehendi favors will speak your minds. These are a few ideas that we loved from a book with a vast quota of ideas. We present to you the best return gifts keeping in mind the likings and dislikings of your wedding guests. Return gifts always manage to keep a special place in peoples’ hearts and we promise to do the same with these unique gifts that your guests will cherish. 

Don’t overthink, end your search here and bookmark this blog now if you want to give the best mehendi favors for your wedding.