Pastel Lehenga – A new normal!

Hey, beautiful girls who are soon to be beautiful brides or bridesmaids. As the wedding dates have already been set and the mystery of selecting wedding lehenga is still unsolved. Since the trend of pastel lehenga is here today, then there is no second thoughts about choosing utterly beautiful pastel color lehengas. From our Bollywood celebrities to normal brides and even bridesmaids are rocking the pastel lehenga this year. Pastel lehengas are ideals for your wedding day, Cocktail, sangeet and even reception and if you are a bridesmaid then you should definitely go for pastel lehenga to shine in your BFF weddings.

Through the course of time, Indian women have established the fact that they are strong individuals when it comes to being independent or walking through the street boldly in the evening. Brides in the modern era choosing pastel color lehenga over dark and bright lehenga are breaking myths and stereotypical norms. What is common here is breaking the conventions. Now society is accepting brides with pastel lehenga. Brides are trying new styles and new different shades of pastel lehenga. We saw many brides who looked magical in pastel colored lehengas.

People who think that pastel color lehenga is so light and looks dull and boring, please drop your doubts and give a look at the beautiful and pretty brides wearing pastel lehenga. Famous actresses like Anushka Sharma, Neha Kakkar and Neha Dhupia wore pastel color lehenga which was pastel pink on their wedding day and they all looked stunning and damn pretty. The bold and myth breaking example is Alia Bhatt wearing white shade with no makeup. Other than these there are many other brides who choose to wear pastel color lehenga with poise and elegance.

Pastel lehenga looks gorgeous every time, be it day function or night. Pastel lehenga suits every skin tone because there are different pastel color lehenga. And the bride can decide accordingly which pastel color lehenga will go with her skin tone. Pastel color lehenga looks so pretty in summers over dark and bright lehenga. Choosing pastel color lehenga more often depends upon the venue and especially on the groom’s outfit. A pastel lehenga which goes with the groom’s dress should be chosen.

Not just pink and peaches, there are a whole lot of other pastel color lehenga that look so beautiful. Pastel color lehenga like pastel pink, powder yellow, cream, peach, powder blue are the beautiful shades of pastel lehenga a bride can wear and slay at her wedding ceremony. We also observe beautiful shimmery and embroidery worked pastel lehenga. They look magic on brides and add more charm to brides’ looks. These brides are proof of that.

Now, give a look at these beautiful brides wearing pastel color lehenga

Pastel Pink 

You might think Pink is such an old fashioned color but give a look at these beautiful Divas wearing pastel pink shades of pastel lehenga. Pink is always pretty. The elegance and innocence of this pastel pink is something we cannot find anywhere.

In the pink shade pastel lehenga, it is not just pink. There are a number of shades of pink.

Embroidered Dark Pink Lehenga

It is one of the shades of pink pastel lehenga. This raw silk paste lehenga is bringing back the romanticism and femininity. It is nothing but a beautiful eye-catching pastel lehenga.  

Powder Pink 

Powder pink is another pink shade of pastel lehenga. This snow pink pastel  lehenga is effortlessly chic. Brides can wear it at engagement and cocktail ceremonies

Light Pink Embroidered Lehenga 

This light pink pastel lehenga can be your favorite pastel lehenga for your D-Day. These lehengas are a rage in tropical Indian weddings.

Floral Embroidery on Baby Pink Lehenga

This baby pink lehenga can be another choice of pastel lehenga. It is nothing less than a beautiful art. Brides can wear it at the mehandi ceremony. 

Rose Pink Botanical Print Lehenga

This rose pink pastel lehenga is giving a mughal look. This unique piece can be your favorite one of all pastel lehengas. 

Pastel Blue

Now Blues can be happy too. This blue shade of pastel lehenga is simply out of this world.

Pastel Peach

Peach is again an old shade but modern brides are still obsessed with this shade of pastel lehenga. Peach is beloved by many and pastel peach takes that love notches higher. 

Pastel Green

Green is always gorgeous. Nothing is more heavenly than this gorgeous green pastel lehenga. 


Purple gave us many different shades and this lovely lavender is one of the unique and beautiful shades of pastel lehenga. 

Pastel Yellow

“Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellow”. No, not anymore. This powdery yellow shade of pastel lehenga is a style statement in itself.

The Royal Ivory

This is another gorgeous and classy shade of pastel lehenga that is the royal ivory giving royal look to this beautiful girl.

Pastel Moon Grey

This color is nothing but a stunner and a royal choice. This is a gorgeous moon Gray shade of pastel lehenga.

Pastel White

White has no competition with any color. This pristine white shade of pastel lehenga can be a great choice

Pastel Multicolor 

Multicolored pastel lehenga can be a unique choice too. This lilac purple move over bold reds and jeweled tones is best for the wedding ceremonies.

Combos of Pastel Colors Lehengas

There are some pastel color lehenga that you wouldn’t believe went together so beautifully. These are the prettiest pastel color combos of pastel lehenga. Brides and bridesmaids can also try this out.

Ice blue and Peach

This combination is the most stunning combination of pastel colors we have ever come across so fresh. Peace and ice blue just work beautifully.

Lilac and Peach 

Lilac and peach, Both are light pastel shades but a great pastel combination which we wish to see more of.

Baby pink and baby blue

Baby blue and baby pink are magical together and so refreshing to look at.

So, pastel colored lehenga are perfect for intimate weddings. Beside everything, pastel color gives you a number of shades and combinations. Therefore, there are a lot of choices. Now, brides and brides bridesmaids need not think or get confused before choosing Pastel lehenga.