Ponytail is not just a simple ponytail anymore!

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Brides obsessive over bridal outfit and jewelry , forgets about how important bridal hairstyle is. Yes! a bridal hairstyle impacts your bridal look and especially your face. You must be thinking that there is no need to think about a bridal hairstyle because a simple bun always works and is  evergreen. But the ponytail as a bridal hairstyle looks amazing and has numerous styles. Yes, the ponytail bridal hairstyle looks so pretty. Now again you must be thinking that Who does ponytail these days, it is the oldest hairstyle. But in bridal hairstyles, ponytails are in trend these days. A good ponytail needs some extra element to jazz up and you will be surprised at how stunning they look and how pretty the ponytail makes you look.

Ponytail as a bridal hairstyle is an extraordinary choice for sangeets, haldi and mehendi functions. Ponytails are easy to execute and are effortless. It is easy for a bride to carry a ponytail as a bridal hairstyle.

If we are talking about a ponytail then it is not just a simple ponytail. There are various styles of ponytails. Let’s have a look at ponytail bridal hairstyles for you to look  fuss-free yet stylish.

Curls tied in a ponytail

Bridal hairstyle can be done with high volume curls tied in a ponytail style. You need to add an accessory to make it look more beautiful. Tied extra volume on the crown area. This bridal hairstyle is gorgeous yet dainty.

A semi-braided ponytail

This bride has done a semi-braided ponytail with tiny adornments that are pin-worthy. This bridal hair style is effortless yet regal and looking fantastic on the bride.

A side braided ponytail

Her bridal hairstyle is done with curling up hair and tying them together. But the twist given is the side braid which gives a unique look to the ponytail. With heavy curls and small braids on the side this bridal hairstyle is looking simple yet surreal.

Textured braid ponytail

Braids can be done in different ways. Here textured braids are done with a twist. The hairs left are Vintage Curls and then tied in a ponytail. This bride with textured braid and wavy ponytail is looking so gorgeous and with the perfect bridal hairstyle for an engagement and reception ceremony.

Beach waves ponytail

The love for wavy hairs is never ending. Here, the bride has done beach waves of hairs for bridal hairstyle and tied them into a high ponytail. This bridal hairstyle looks so beautiful and easy to carry. Ponytail is just exquisite.

High ponytail

Simple always looks beautiful. This bride has nailed the bridal hairstyle with a high ponytail. Ponytail with a sleek top knot is looking flawless on her bridal look.

Low ponytail

Ponytails can be done in a number of ways as a bridal hairstyle. Here, the bride tied her extra volume of hairs in a low ponytail. She also curls her hair a little. The low ponytail is perfect for bridal hairstyle as it is looking simple yet stylish.

Neo-modern ponytail

This bridal hairstyle is so unique. A Neo-modern ponytail with different sections looks fantastic. Adding accessories is always good. Here, also the bride has to wear dainty beaded accessories on her ponytail sections. This bridal hairstyle is perfect for a modern bride.

Low ponytail with flowers

Flowers are famous for decorating things to make it look more beautiful. Here, we used flowers as hair accessories. This bride with her gown has done the perfect hairstyle. A low ponytail with contrasting flowers above her knot is looking so gorgeous. This bridal hairstyle is perfect for reception or engagement.

Looped ponytail

This bridal hairstyle with curly hairs tied in a low ponytail. Not just this, the bride has worn a flower crown paired with her bridal outfit. This bridal hair style is perfect for mehendi or haldi function.

Bubble ponytail

The Bubble ponytail is a fairy kind of hairstyle but looks so gorgeous as bridal hairstyle as well and is in trend. Bubble ponytails are pretty sure that they are trend worthy to come back. This bubble ponytail as a bridal hairstyle is perfect for a sangeet bridal hairstyle.

Mogras ponytail

Mogras are old fashioned but still look gorgeous. This bridal hairstyle of low curled ponytail with mogras all around is absolutely swoon worthy.

Half braid half ponytail 

This bride has experimented with bridal hairstyles beautifully. This half ponytail and half braid is a perfect combination and is looking So pretty and stunning. We always say that accessories add beauty to a bridal hairstyle. Here, the bride uses two accessories which add beauty to her ponytail.

Accessorized ponytail

We are living in a modern world with new modern accessories. The bride has done a simple ponytail but twisted it with accessories. This bejeweled and brightly accessorized ponytail as a bridal hairstyle is perfect for engagement and reception party look.

Ponytail with loose strands

Simplicity is always at its best. This pretty bride has done a prettier bridal hairstyle. Simply riding her hair in a simple ponytail she has done a gorgeous ponytail with loose strands.

A High Ponytail With Curled Ends

In love with this bride’s straight ponytail, which curls just at the ends that looks chic and uncomplicated. This ponytail as a bridal hairstyle is perfect for engagement, reception and haldi ceremony look.

A Sleek & Neat Low Ponytail

This bride’s low ponytail is legit and one of the most graceful yet straightforward hairstyles worth taking note of. This ponytail as a bridal hairstyle is so clean and simple yet sureel and perfect for engagement and roka ceremony look. 

Aren’t all the ponytail bridal hairstyles beautiful? Yes! They are, which look so good and are an easy to carry bridal hairstyle. So, next time don’t go with the simple Bun, try these unique and beautiful ponytail styles.