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A bewitching destination wedding that was as beautiful as the couple’s love story

Puneet and Zeenam, our couple from Dubai took their wedding vows here in Chandigarh, India. ‘After a few months of dating, we knew we were made for each other.’ the couple said. And to make their wedding celebration as beautiful as their love story we expressed and translated their vision and made every event specifically true to them. Their wedding festivities kicked off with the cocktail ceremony at Amaltas Farm. The couple officially tied the knots on December 30, 2021, but that was just one part of the wedding weekend. The main ritual of the ‘Laavaan’ was held at the Gurudwara Sahib Ji Patshahi Dasvin. Their beautiful wedding was followed by an ethereal reception at Roche Harbor where their family and friends were present to bless the newlywed couple. The couple looked exceptionally great and the bride’s makeup look for each day was customized to match her ensemble. Their wedding began with a blank slate, where we were able to draft a magical experience for them. Their magnificent sunset wedding photos are definitely to die for.