Quirkiest Groom Wear Ideas

With the change in fashion trends not only brides are experimenting with their wedding fits but grooms are also putting their best foot forward to up their style quotient. 

Grooms are playing with different color pallets, styles, silhouettes, patterns and we are just loving it!

Gone are the days when grooms used to throw on some plain sherwanis with boring colors and designs. It’s time for them to put on some unique colors, try different silhouettes and designs. We at Shaandaar are here to assist through the journey of selecting the quirkiest fit for your wedding!

Before selecting the perfect outfit for your wedding, it is foremost to understand which outfit style you are donning on your wedding day. You can go for traditional fits, western fits, or a fusion of both. This all depends on the type of wedding you are having, for example, if you are planning a big fat desi wedding opting for a traditional fit would be a much better choice than going for a tux.

Wedding Sherwanis

Sherwanis are the evergreen wedding staple outfit for the grooms which never goes out of style, you can always throw on some good sherwani and spice up your outfit with a few modifications. There are no better outfits for weddings than a nice pair of signature sherwani. Some designs which are in trend right now are listed below to help you select one from these so you can look your best on your special day!

groom wedding outfits

Floral Sherwanis

With the new wave in fashion, one trend that is ruling the hearts of everyone is the majestic floral movement, be it in printed form or embroidered guise. Designers are presenting their men’s collection, in which grooms are sporting more feminine designs and prints and it’s becoming our favorite, and we hope yours too!

The designer ace Sabyasachi Mukherjee has a really wide range of designs for some floral runs.

floral print sherwani

Floral Printed Sherwani

Keeping it light with the printed sherwani, grooms are going all-in for simple as well as extensively floral printed sherwanis. These give you the cool and summery look adding the new age groom charm. Whether it is a daytime function or a nighttime event you can pull off both these functions by wearing these floral prints. Many celebs have also been spotted bracing this trend.

printed sherwani

Floral Embroidered Sherwani

To take your floral outfits up a notch you can always opt for floral embroidered sherwanis. Embroidered sherwanis have always been the first choice as a groom attire, recently more and more grooms are donning this wave with a floral twist. From little to big and extravagant embroidery all of these are going great in the market.

designer wedding sherwani

Sherwani with Heavy Embroidery

You are sure to attract some good attention while sporting one of these heavily embroidered sherwani. These sherwanis are the perfect pick for a big royal wedding celebration, giving you that king-like look on your wedding day. These over-the-top Sherwanis look majestic and more elegant with the use of rich colors and multicolor embroidery threads. Starting from traditional motif embroidery to proper heavy zardozi embroidery, all of it gives the attire a bulky and supreme look.

embroided sherwani

Jacket style Sherwani

Highlight your simple and plain-hued Kurta with an adorned coat. If you are the type of groom who likes to adhere to wearing coats or jackets, this style would surely make you inclined toward this style of sherwani. You can add a lot of variations to your outfit simply by adding a jacket, these jackets can be used to give a monotone look, add colors to the fit, add some prints or embroideries to your simple kurta with an OTT jacket.

wedding sherwani for grooms

Wedding Suits

Wedding suits make the perfect groom outfit for a nice Christian wedding. These suits give you a dapper look while keeping it minimal yet fashionable. These suits can be dressed up and dressed down depending upon the patterns and designs. You can go with lines, polka dots, and many other prints.

wedding outfits for groom

All Black Tux

What’s better than an all-black tux that gives off the dashing look? Grooms have been sporting this signature look for a long time and it still gives off the same sophisticated charm. The tuxedo is designed to elevate your appearance above the day-to-day suit. If you are wearing a tux you are definitely celebrating something special. You can opt for this outfit for your wedding day or any wedding function.

all black tuxedo

Fusion of Colors

Grooms are going all out with the color pallets. Be it bright or pastel-colored sherwanis or using a color block scheme for your wedding attire. Adding different complementing colors gives your outfit a quirky offbeat look. 

colorful sherwani

Timeless Three Piece Suit

You can always opt for the classic three-piece suit. A three-piece suit as the name suggests consists of three important parts namely a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat. You can always throw it on your wedding day or any other wedding function.

3 piece suit

Indo western outfit

Who doesn’t love a cool chic fusion of Indian and Western fit? Nowadays grooms are experimenting a lot with the Indo- western look like kurtas with an asymmetrical hem, western bandhgala jackets with kurtas, etc this will accentuate your appearance. Almost all the latest Indo-western outfits have that edgy look to give you the perfect modern feel, along with a touch of the authentic Indian vibe.

Monotone attire with a pop of color

You can never go wrong with a classic monochrome scheme attire. To elevate your attire adding a pop of color by adding an accessory or any other thing would be a great addition. Adding a colorful necklace or adding a printed or embroidered dupatta or stole is a classic way to appraise an attire. Simply adding jewelry on your safa or turban also might just bring out the best.

groom sherwani

Bandhgala Wedding Kurta / Suit

Bandhgalas also called Jodhpuri Suit, give you a super classy and elegant look and are a great option for you on your wedding day. These Bandhgala can be worn as a two-piece or a three-piece, these days, most grooms decide to just go for the shut neck Jodhpuri outfits matched with pants with no extra under kurta, shirt, or wrap. These give you a neat and high-class look, you can slip one of these on over a kurta or even a suit.

Bandhgala sherwani

From sporadic sews to exceptional cuts and cuts, from playing with various tints and shades to consolidating prints in coats, kurtas, sherwanis, and even suits, the alternatives for men to browse have just been developing. So go ahead and add a little jazz to your wedding attire!