We are in 2021, and with so much that has changed over a year, it really is the time to ditch the boring, everyday wedding invites.

If you ask me, invitations really matter! After all, you are announcing your D-day, it has to be in style!

The thing with weddings is that everything suddenly seems to be moving in fast forward, and no matter how much you wish to organize everything in a “hatkey” style, you end up compromising with a little less than basic.

Here is where we, the best wedding planners in Chandigarh, come to your rescue.

We have handpicked and shortlisted some of the most quirky wedding invitation styles. So, while you are juggling with other essential tasks in hand, this list can help you choose in an instant. 


With the world digitizing, it is time that weddings take a hint too! The beauty of e-cards/e-invites is that you can do anything and everything with it. Want to turn it into a video; why not? An aesthetically designed flyer; can be done! Or are you being tickled by the creative bug, and want to go the GIF style? Well, even that can be done!

These versatile and paperless invites are easy and pretty!

The His & Her Invitation Cards

Similar in design, these cards are an amazing choice for the couples coordinating everything from their outfits to those of the wedding party. After all, a little more sync can’t hurt!

The Itinerary Style Invite!

Are you trying to avoid multiple leaves of invitation for the many-many functions? We got a simple solution! Design your wedding invitation to the “itinerary” style. Using icons and brief details, this invite is not only a visual treat but also allows you to add a hint of your quirky side to it!

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Plantable Invites: Invites that grow into Plants!

Make your wedding extra special by gifting back something to nature with each invite!

This card grows into a plant when you wet it and plant it in soil, and is a sure-shot way of gaining nature’s favour. If you are looking forward to an eco-friendly wedding, this is how you start! 

Boarding Passes for Invitation to Destination Wedding

Since you are taking your wedding to a whole different place, your invites too should feel the same. Coupling destination weddings with these invites are a great way to entice your guests into attending your special day!

A Weekend Getaway Pass

Since your destination wedding is a weekend getaway for the guest, why not play it that way too? A single leaflet with all details is not only a fun way to invite, but also saves a lot!


Postcards make tempting and beautiful-looking wedding invitations, especially if it is a destination wedding.

~All these invitation choices are a great way to do something other than the mundane cream and maroon Indian wedding cards. We know your love for exceptional choices, and support you for the same!

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