Read This Before You Plan Your Wedding! – Hacks or Things Every Bride Needs to Know.

Things to know before your wedding. Weddings can be the ultimate burdensome work and can be strenuous for the bride-to-be. And there is no issue that the bride should be worrying about before getting married. From pre-wedding preparations to the big day itself, it’s easy to feel burned- out to organize such a milestone event. There are endless things to take care of at a wedding and when we say endless we literally mean it. The wedding day is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. All eyes are going to be on you and you will be photographed a lot so you cannot look strained at all. We have got some good news for you to lessen the burden on your shoulders. Here are some of the best hacks every bride needs to know and we suggest you read this before you plan your wedding!

1. Prepare an essential wedding kit – Things to know before your wedding

An essential wedding kit can be the best hack every bride needs to know. Prepare a small bag with any emergency essentials like lipstick, safety pins, perfume, double-sided tape, bandaids, bobby pins, setting sprays, and anything that can be used for emergencies. This can surely be called ‘the bag of dreams’. The bag of dreams can carry all the things you think can mess up or you consider as a loophole. It mostly comes in handy, ask one of your responsible cousins or sister or friend to take a hold of it. Keep it stashed somewhere at the venue for easy access when you need to touch up. 

2. Always carry a tissue – Things to know before your wedding

Keep some tiny tissues to yourself to get rid of shiny spots or sweat. Tissue papers are essential for the wedding day. From sweating to your pearl-like tears it can wipe everything off. Also keeping one or two baby wipes is one of the best hacks every bride needs to know. It can help you stay away from stains. Also, these baby wipes come in handy in keeping both the stains and sweat away. 

3. Some perfume hacks – Things to know before your wedding

With all the wedding sweat, a long-lasting perfume is mandatory. But the issue is there is no such perfume which can last for the whole wedding ceremony. We have the best hack for you, firstly, rub some Vaseline on each pulse point where you will put the perfume. The pulse points include the area behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. After applying Vaseline over your pulse points, spray some perfume over it. The perfume will stick to the Vaseline jelly to linger for a long time. 

4. Sew bra to your blouses – Things to know before your wedding

A bra can be always uncomfortable, especially on your wedding day when everything falls upon your shoulders. You seriously cannot take the burden of a bra too. Strapless is an option but as uncomfortable as the normal one you cannot dare to always fix it up when all the cameras are on you. And to be honest silicon pasties are not worth all the hassle on your big and seriously the most important day of your life. We have the best hacks every bride needs to know for this unbearable issue. Ditch all uncomfortable bras instead get your strapless bra sewn inside your blouse. And when we say bra it means the same not the pads as bra gives the best coverage and support. With strapless bras, you do not have to worry about the strap showing yet not worry about the bra support. With a sewn strapless bra to your blouse, you will get the utmost comfort without worrying about awkward bra moments. 

5. Your heels need some work too – Things to know before your wedding

Wedding shoes are mostly new which can hinder their chances to maintain friction. To prep, your wedding heels, rub the bottom part of the sole of the shoes with sandpaper. This hack can reduce the chances to slip on the slippery floor. Also, one thing we all are quite familiar with is the amount of time you have to spend in your new shoes can be a lot painful. Give them some time to break them in before the D-day. Wear them around the house, stretch them out with socks or get the hairdryer involved to ensure your feet are snug and comfortable in those pretty new heels. Also one of the best hacks ever is to wear heel attachments. It is one of the most essential things, especially if you are wearing pencil heels. Heels sink into the ground which can cause you to trip or even twist your ankle. It can also prevent slippage. 

6. Work for your D-day skin depuff – Things to know before your wedding

With all the eyes on you, on your big day, you have taken great care of your skin. If you have acne on your face on the big day, rub ice over the pimple for 5 to 10 minutes. The swelling of the pimple will be reduced and ice can bring an instant glow to your skin. Prepping the skin is an essential part of makeup. So, moisturize your skin well the night before and also in the morning. Also applying a hydrating mask can do wonders. Got problems with dark circles or puffy eyes, put some used tea bags in the fridge and apply them over your eyes to depuff your eyes or to hide your sleeplessness. 

7. Stay away from dairy products – Things to know before your wedding

Based on some research, dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese can cause inflammation. Especially, if you’re lactose-intolerant, staying away from dairy products will be responsible. As it upset your stomach and causes bloating. Dairy is a natural inflammatory product and to prevent bloating, stay away from dairy for three days leading up to the wedding to de-bloat naturally. Also, mint tea can help with debloating.

8. Hydration is a priority – Things to know before your wedding

Hydration is so important on a daily basis but especially on the wedding day. Intaking water is a key to many locks (issues). Few alcoholic drinks will be obvious so ensure water intake is up to mark. It will also feel more energetic and help combat any type of hangover. Also, hydration can prevent any on-day acne. It is the most crucial part to stay hydrated.

9. Nourishment is the top priority – Things to know before your wedding

This is the most important hack every bride needs to know about before getting married. Nourishing meals should and always be the top priority before your D-day. Never even think about missing any meal just because you are busy with your wedding planning. This is the common thing every bride-to-be does, forgetting or skipping meals which can lead to early burnout or fatigue which cannot be something you can handle on your big day. So having a nutritious meal with all the components is essential. Your meal should be protein-rich which will prevent early exhaustion. Also a great hack every bride needs to know is to have a cup of peppermint tea instead of coffee. Coffee might give you a boost of energy before your wedding but it can leave you feeling anxious and jittery. Peppermint tea is known to reduce bloating and soothe upset stomachs. One of the best hacks every bride needs to know is that keeping some mints or mouth freshers can be a lifesaver. With all the guests wandering around you, you should not smell funky and especially for the night after it too. 

10. Pin Your dupattas – Things to know before your wedding

Last but not least pinning your dupatta to your suit or saree is the best bridal hack ever, this is one of the things to know before your wedding… Also attaching some weight to the end of your dupatta can lead to only hassle-free enjoyment. Some heavy latkans or just some simple embroidery work can do the thing and won’t let your dupatta fly away.