Terms & Conditions

This Refund and Cancellation Policy ("Policy") is an integral part of the legally binding contract between Shaandaar Events and the client. By engaging our services, the client agrees to adhere to the terms outlined herein.

1. Cancellation Policy:

a. If the client decides to cancel the event planning services provided by Shaandaar Events, a written notice of cancellation shall be submitted.
b. Cancellation charges are applicable based on the proximity of the cancellation date to the scheduled event date. The client shall be liable for any costs incurred by Shaandaar Events up to the point of cancellation.

2. Refund Policy:

a. Any and all refunds, if applicable, shall be processed in accordance with the followingconditions:
i. The client is eligible for a full or partial refund based on the terms outlined in the contract and this Policy.
ii. Refunds are subject to deductions for any non-recoverable expenses incurred by Shaandaar Events up to the cancellation date.
iii. Refunds will be processed within a reasonable timeframe after deducting applicable charges.

3. Payment Schedule:

a. The client agrees to adhere to the payment schedule outlined in the contract.
b. Initial deposits and subsequent installments, if any, are non-refundable.
c. Final payment must be made on or before the due date specified in the contract.

4. Force Majeure:

a. In the event that the cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the control of either party (force majeure), the terms of cancellation and refund will be subject to negotiation between Shaandaar Events and the client or as per outlined in the contract.

5. Contractual Agreement:

a. This Policy, along with the terms and conditions specified in the contract, constitutes the entire agreement between Shaandaar Events and the client concerning cancellation, refunds, and payment schedules.
b. Any modifications or amendments to this Policy must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.


It is imperative to note that any and all details pertaining to the refund, cancellation, and payment schedule shall be explicitly outlined within the legally binding client contract executed between Shaandaar Events and the client.