Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels, and hello to bridal sneakers

A bridal outfit is incomplete with heels, this is what everybody thinks. For every traditional occasion and wedding ceremony heels are the only footwear girls should wear to complete their look. But in bridal wear everything is so heavy including her dress and jewelry. No doubt, wedding days are already very tiring for brides and above everything wearing heels can make you feel more tired at your wedding. But being tired and with killer heels, the bride cannot enjoy her wedding. Constantly moving around and dancing with heels can only make you feel tired. Here, we have a perfect and permanent solution to it. We have collected the best pair of bridal wear sneakers. Yes! It is true. Bridles can also wear sneakers at their wedding with their wedding lehenga. Sneakers have comfort like no other pair of footwear so that you can comfortably move here and there at your wedding ceremony.

Wearing sneakers does not mean that you have to compromise on your style and spoil your bridal wear. There are various Indian bridal sneakers that are comfortable and absolutely gorgeous. From embroidered and satin to sequinned or downright quirky, there are so many options. So, you can simply switch to sneakers from heels for bridal wear. From beautiful work to fun caricatures, your bridal sneakers should have everything on your wedding.

So, these are the top collection of sneakers and a perfect list of bridal wear. Let’s have a look at them.

White Rhinestone Slip-On Sneakers

This cute slip on bridal wear sneakers made of sleek faux leather that is finished with a statement rhinestone accent at the top. Pretty sneakers are bringing the modern glam out. It can be a perfect choice for your wedding day.

Ivory Satin Rhinestone Sneakers

Say bye to heels and hi to this ivory satin rhinestone bridal wear sneakers with your title in sparkling rhinestone. Flaunt your title in this sparkling paint at your wedding ceremony and this darling detail captured on camera will create an iconic photo.

Quirky Naari Sneakers

These types of stickers are for brides who want to add style to their bridal wear and want their bridal sneakers to be quirky at the same time. These golden embellished shoes with hand painted slip-ons are perfect for your red and golden bridal wear. The other orange one has a unique style and is perfect to flaunt at your wedding ceremony.

Saree sneakers

The name of these sneakers is saree sneakers and that doesn’t mean you can wear it with saree only. You can pick these cute traditional sneakers with your outfit, it doesn’t matter if it is saree or lehenga. The thread work on it is giving such a perfect and unique look on it. They are the right choice to add to your bridal wear instead of heels.

Rohan Arora Sneakers

You must have heard his name. Rohan Arora, the famous bridal shoes designer. He makes the most lovely pair of shoes and now sneakers too for bridal wear. The embroidery work on these black sneakers with platform is the right choice for your wedding ceremony.

Tiesta Shoes

Bridles who want something extraordinary in their bridal wear, they should go for these tiesta shoes. These all white sneakers with pearls and tesselite platforms for bridal are breathtaking. Brides who wear this can slay at her wedding.

Aparajita Toor Sneakers

This metallic golden sneaker for bridal wear is so unique and fun. Aparajita wedding sneakers are all about statement designs. Golden sneakers have banarasi laces is something so gorgeous and you will love it.

Coral Haze Sneakers

Bridal wants something sober and simple yet stylish for bridal wear on their wedding ceremony. Then these sober hued sneakers can be the perfect choice. Coral haze can customize any pair of sneakers according to your requirement. What’s cooler than this?

Kanvas India Sneakers

Brides who want bridal sneakers with high tops are the perfect choice. Kanvas India can make shoes and sneakers with custom designs based on the work of your outfit. Aren’t you loving these chunky high top sneakers with yellow and pink color? They have such a delectable look.

Chal Jooti Sneakers

You can simply understand it with its name. These sneakers are perfect for you if snazzy and electric is your jam. This bridal wear has a different variety. Tassels, metallics, seashells or sequins, they have all types of designer sneakers for your bridal wear.

So, now when you have such stylish and comfortable sneakers then who wants to go for killer and uncomfortable heels. You can slay at your wedding and also have fun with the comfortable sneakers.As sneakers have numerous styles and colors, you can easily choose and match it with your wedding  outfit and you are good to go.