Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace is a Udaipur-based heritage hotel. The Taj Mahal is recognized for its luxury and grandeur, and this palace takes you to the Mughal era. It’s a lovely spot on an island in the middle of a lake, with every accommodation offering a stunning view of the nearby City Palace and Aravalli Hills. At Taj Lake Palace, the excellent location provides the ideal backdrop for all types of wedding functions. These are exclusively open to residents, as it is also an excellent location for residential weddings. They strive to make every celebration a spectacular success, no matter how big or small it is. They are ideal for hosting wedding ceremonies since they provide exquisite vistas as well as luxurious hospitality. Their welcome warmth and friendliness add a wonderful touch to your wedding day. The venue’s location, on the outskirts of town, adds to its allure, as it is away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Indoor seating for up to 500 persons is available at the location. They have a catering policy that is adaptable. They also give enough parking for their visitors.

Taj Lake Palace offers a wide range of services, including in-house catering and decor for a spectacular occasions. They offer a variety of cuisines to choose from. They also aid with decorating so that the site appears spacious and ideal for a variety of nuptial ceremonies. They also provide a large parking lot so you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s safety. The tradition of magnificent soirees and social gatherings hosted in the most royal manner continues at this palace. If you want your wedding to be royal and timeless, you should book The Taj Lake Palace right away. These are also well-known as the most romantic locations for fairytale and dream weddings.

Destination Wedding Cost

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Factors that affects the budget of your wedding

The rich cultural heritage of the Palaces in Udaipur is what that draws people to plan their wedding. The location of your wedding should be planned accordingly. The royal wedding planner in Udaipur makes it sure that whatever location you choose for your wedding, it should be in sync with how you want your wedding to be carried out, the chain of events that follows and the arrangements required for your dream to come true. Choice of location should be done according to your wedding budget.

Your guest size will decide the accommodation preferences. Some palaces do not provide the accommodation for your guests; hence you will need a hotel for your guests which are located in the close proximity of the wedding venue. The wedding venue and accommodation will make your 50% of the cost. There are 5-star heritage hotels, 5-star hotels, and the hotels of your choice for your different types of guests.

Catering Costs
The type of cuisine you choose will affect your cost accounting of the wedding. The buffet system in India is very much prominent. It will cost Rs 2500- Rs 4000 per person in a 5-star hotel and around Rs 800- Rs 1000 in a 4-star hotel. The hotels lower than this would not be justified with a destination wedding.

Décor costs
The mandap decoration is the most alluring task of a destination wedding planning company in Udaipur. The lighting and the floral arrangement requires a large sum of your money. Many Palaces don’t allow outside decorators. Generally, wedding décor may cost between Rs 6,00,000 – Rs. 15,00,000. However, if you desire something unique and splendid, it may cost you above Rs 15 lakhs.

Destination Wedding in Taj Lake Palace