Everything took a set back when the coronavirus pandemic had hit the entire world. Jobs, events, life and even WEDDINGS. Everyone has learnt a lot of things and hence, all the couples who were planning for a big fat wedding have now accepted the new normal of Intimate weddings. Yes! COVID has changed a lot of things, but this definitely doesn’t mean that you now can’t have an amazing wedding.

Shaandaar Events are the best wedding planners in chandigarh and they definitely won’t disappoint you. One really needs to know that these small intimate weddings can be super beautiful and magical in their own ways.

1.   Begin with your special personalized invites – make your closed ones feel special

The  most important point to be kept in mind is to make a personalised guest list which should not be huge. Yes, it is very difficult but that’s how it has to be.

✿  Make different guest lists for different events

You can divide the guests according to the various events like Mehendi, cocktail party, sangeet, The final Day and of course the Reception.

✿  Say a big NO to 1+1

You must make sure that only those who are married, engaged, family members and friends should be allowed to get a +1 with them.

2.   Venues that can be a plus point for your magical intimate wedding

✿  If you have a big house then the garden or the terrace can be the ideal space for the functions.

✿ You can book a banquet hall for the functions as they can be great for intimate weddings.

✿  Community Halls can be another option for the spectacular intimate wedding.

✿ Love destination Weddings?
Intimate weddings can also be done in a way of destination wedding and it definitely can be a great deal.
It can be done on a low budget where you can invite your closed ones and friends and enjoy the magical moments.

3.   Decoration Ideas that can make your intimate wedding even more special and magical

✿  Decorating the venue or overall decoration ideas for an intimate wedding will not be as difficult as you think it to be.

It is indeed easy and you can add loads of small elements to make it look beautiful.

✿ Fresh flowers

✿ Fairy Lights

✿ Candles

✿ Photo booth set up

✿ Hanging Décor

✿ Artificial Flowers

4.    Look up for good Vendors

This is definitely a must. You need to make sure that you get the best of the vendors and make sure to do proper research according to your budget.

5.   The Best part – The Wedding Outfit and Makeup

You get married only once and thus it is always great to look super beautiful and absolutely pretty. How would you do this?

Outfit and Makeup – Obviously!

Everything has been decided and now it’s time to decide on the wedding outfit. During this pandemic it is indeed so difficult to go out and shop. So you can get your beautiful wedding outfit online.

You can also design your own outfit. Your choice, your outfit.

Renting your wedding outfit can also be an option and don’t worry, these rental outfits are also absolutely amazing.

Decided your outfit?

Great! It is time for makeup.

Hiring a makeup artist for your intimate wedding is a great idea. They can come to the venue and help you get ready for your special day.

6. Wedding coverage/ Wedding Photography & Videography

Making memories is indeed so important. Hire the best photographers specially the freelancers as they’ll even be in your budget. They’ll also cover according to your plan and instructions. Plus point – They even have their own designers.

And Who is going to help you with this?

Obviously the best wedding planners, yours truly.

So we at Shaandaar Events aim to make your intimate wedding absolutely magical. We will make sure that your wedding is breathtaking and awe- inspiring.