The Marmara Esma Sultan​

Marmara Esma Sultan is a must-visit venue for everyone in search of a venue for an event in Turkey. The Marmara Esma Sultan has got its name from the name of Princess Esma Sultan, who was the daughter of the 32nd Ottoman ruler, Sultan Abdulaziz. The Marmara Esma Sultan is a mansion that was the wedding gift to Esma Sultan when she got married to Circassian Mehmet Pasha at her 16th age. The mansion is located next to the Ortakoy Mosque.

The Marmara Esma Sultana is considered one of Turkey’s best venues to conduct events such as weddings, meetings, and other special events. The rich architecture of the mansion, which is evidence of the glorious past of the Ottoman Empire, will add more beauty to your event. The Marama Esma Sultan is where you can get all the services required for conducting an event in one place. The professional event management team of Marmara Esma Sultan is competent enough to make your event the best one you have experienced to date. The rich garden, which views the sea, makes Marmara Esma Sultan the most preferred location, especially for summer weddings. On the other hand, it is covered with glasses on four sides, and it creates the best atmosphere and ambience for winter weddings. 

Catering service is an indispensable part of any event. In such a case, Marmara’s catering team is one of the best choices anyone can take when it comes to catering. With a vast menu that includes authentic Turkish cuisines and cuisines from different parts of the world, Marmara’s catering service is one of the best in this sector, with various awards won by their chefs. 

Marmara Esma Sultana is the perfect venue where you can start a new life with your loved one. The rich and elegant atmosphere makes the beginning of your new life journey dreamlike. 

Destination Wedding at The Marmara Esma Sultan​

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