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The Neemrana Fort Palace

The Neemrana Fort Palace takes great pleasure in being both an exceptional hotel in India and a leading historic hotel in The Neemrana Fort Palace- Rajasthan. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that these ancient buildings are authentically restored and conserved so that you may go back in time to the Middle Ages /The Neemrana Fort Palace . This majestic heritage hotel Neemrana Fort Palace  close to the Delhi–Jaipur highway is the ideal place to stay for your royal getaway in Jaipur. Although it is a true pleasure to watch and visit, The Neemrana Fort Palace  requires a lot of stairs and ramps to explore the 14-tiered complex. Enjoy the The Neemrana Fort Palace  property with its views and the two elevators that were added in 2016.

However, it should be noted that The Neemrana Fort Palace do not grant access to the full The Neemrana Fort Palace and that doing so demands a certain level of physical endurance. To guarantee that you have a genuinely realistic fort living experience without putting too much strain on your body, The Neemrana Fort Palace  have built two cutting-edge lifts. These may be utilised with advance warning from the parking since they allow entrance from Atithi Pol ( Gate No. 3). For those who wish to skip a lot of steps, the Kailash Burj is perfect.

The Neemrana Fort Palace , one of the greatest and oldest heritage resorts close to Jaipur, offers an expansive experience that genuinely transports you back in time by five centuries, thus you might not be able to find the typical hotel amenities here.


A chapel made of a thousand candles was built at The Neemrana Fort Palace  for the venue’s first wedding. Oriental flowers in shades of white and orange hung from baskets on the main court. A black-tie dinner followed, but there was laughing and champagne instead of stiff upper lips. The second was a Punjabi wedding, complete with drums, dancing, marigold strings, and rose petal showers. With The Neemrana Fort Palace , you can bring your ideal of a celestial destination wedding to life.

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Destination Wedding in Neemrana Fort Palace Delhi