Tips for the Best Destination Wedding

The idea of celebrating the special bond with your partner in an exotic location is so overwhelming that people automatically get excited when they hear about a destination wedding. However, planning it perfectly is one big task. If you’re planning a destination wedding, chances are there that you may fall off the “budget curb”. To save money and plan a dream destination wedding at the same time is quite a difficult task. Only the best destination wedding planner in Chandigarh can pull off such a challenge.destination wedding

Here are some useful tips to plan the perfect destination wedding within budget-

1) Choose the Location Smartly

Although most couples prefer the ultimate happening destinations, it can reflect on the decided budget heavily. An unconventional location will have a unique charm about itself. You can be easy on the budget and tie the knot in an offbeat destination to make it extra special. Get assistance from an experienced destination wedding planner in Udaipur to choose the perfect location.

2) Time to Trim the Guest List

Do you know what makes the wedding day extra special? – Celebrating it in an intimate style with the closest family members and friends. It is important to keep the guest list short to save money for all the other important stuff like décor, catering and so on.

3) Timing is Important!

A professional destination wedding planner in Ludhiana will always recommend to plan it during the off-season. It helps to get generous deals on hotels, venues and vendors. One does not have to deal with the skyrocketing travel expenses during the off-season.

4) Go Digital!

E-invites are trending at present. You can create a personalized and creative digital invitation (in video or photographic form) and send them via mail to the invitees. It can save a lot of unnecessary expenses and help to stay within budget. Consult your destination wedding planner in Amritsar to execute this idea perfectly.

5) Minimal Decor

The simple and elegant decoration is perfect if you’re planning for a destination wedding. Going too gorgeous with dozens of flowers and lighting can make the budget soar high. Your destination wedding planner in Jaipur can make perfect arrangements for a sophisticated décor by using budget-friendly items such as fairy lights, hued drapes and so on.

6) Go for Local Vendors

Other than catering, decorations and transport, there are various aspects to a wedding. For instance, the photographer, music, mehndi artist, make-up artist also deserves special mention. Local vendors who are based near your destination can get you a good deal. That way you are saving added travel expenses and maintain the budget. Your destination wedding planner in Jim Corbett can give good contacts of local vendors to help you out.

These are some of the smart tricks that can be utilized to plan the perfect destination wedding within budget. Planning an overseas wedding is even tougher with a lot of things to keep in mind. However, with efficient planning and professional assistance, you can live your dream wedding in an exclusive destination!


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