Top 10 Wedding Decorators In Mauritius – Mauritius is consistently ranked as the most peaceful and beautiful place. You know Mauritius is a part of Southern Africa and it is also famous for its biodiversity flora and fauna. Due to its beauty and unforgettable island experience lots of people want to plan their dream wedding in Mauritius. Therefore lots of people are searching for the best wedding decorators in Mauritius. If you are one of those then this blog is for you so keep reading this blog. In this blog, we mention a list of the Top 10 Wedding Decorators In Mauritius. So you can easily choose any of them according to your requirements.

Top 10 wedding decorators in Mauritius

Top 10 wedding decorators in Mauritius

According to a report it has been revealed that the tropical island of Mauritius is the cheapest country to get married in the world. You know a destination wedding in Mauritius is cheaper than every European wedding destination. So we can say that Mauritius is one of the popular destinations for Indian weddings and couples have to fulfill certain requirements and procedures to get married in Mauritius.

A wedding decorator always focuses on the aesthetic of a wedding day and they are in charge of decorating and bringing the visual part of your dream wedding to life. From sofas to artwork, interior decorators are responsible for selecting furniture and decor that fit the design scheme and they provide an aesthetic and pleasant look on your special day. There are so many options available for wedding decorators but it can be difficult to choose the right wedding decorator for you. 

Top 10 Wedding Decorators In Mauritius 

Planning your wedding is the most exciting time in your life and wedding decorators offer great ideas and local resources to make your wedding day special. 

#1 Shaandaar Events

Shaandaar Events is the best wedding planner and decorator and is famous for making unforgettable memories of your wedding. As the best wedding planner, your weddings and events are memorable and the wedding has magical experiences, and are gracefully executed as the best wedding decorators. At Shaandaar Events they provide amazing services and wedding decor to make your special day amazing and pleasant. Shaandaar Events stands as the best wedding decorator for creating truly magnificent and unforgettable celebrations. 

As the best wedding decorator in Mauritius, they understand that your wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life. They are dedicated to making a truly Shaandaar affair. Shaandaar Events has a team of experienced passionate wedding planners and decorators. They are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that exceed your expectations.

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Name Shaandaar Events

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#2 Carte Abricot

They are a leading organizer of weddings and events in Mauritius and have been working here for the last 10 years. Their decor speaks volumes about the beauty of your moment, crafted with love and tailored to your dreams. Moreover, they provide useful tips and tricks to make your wedding day special.

#3 Happily Forever

This is a reputable wedding decorator in Mauritius and they take care of everything to make your special day a remarkable experience for you and your guests. Moreover, they save you time and extra expenses. 

#4 JK Wedding Planner

They are a respected wedding planner as well as a popular wedding decorator among the wedding planners in Mauritius.  JK Wedding Planner specializes in organizing the ultimate destination wedding wedding in beautiful Mauritius for couples. They provide an aesthetic look to your wedding that provides an amazing experience for you on your special day.

#5 White & Co

It is a leading planner and decorator company situated in Mauritius. White & Co is popular for its creating incredible beach weddings. Moreover, they hire a team of experienced wedding decorators who provide amazing looks to your destination wedding. From sofas to artwork, everything is maintained under their experienced decorators.

#6 Perfect Weddings

They are perfect wedding planners and decorators as their name and plan your wedding decorations which can be hectic for couples who want to have fun. The Perfect Wedding plans everything for you as you desire.

#7  Noces du Monde

It is a wedding planning agency as well as wedding decorators that was created in 2006. They will tell you everything about the wedding speech and its variations to make a great memory for the bride and groom. Noces du Monde makes your day special and memorable.

#8 World of Events

They are a leading and very famous wedding decorator in Mauritius and have decades of experience in creating bespoke weddings. They hire a team of experienced wedding planners and decorators who will help you choose a venue and create a unique wedding decoration according to the theme.  Their packages are suitable for your budget and needs therefore they cut your extra charges.

#9 Ethereal Events

This is a leading and popular wedding decorator company in Mauritius that has been creating stunning weddings for over a decade. They have years of experience in this field and are popular for their attractive decorations and creative theme plans. Their planner will help you choose the best theme and decorations in Mauritius.

#10 Mauritius Wedding Planner 

It is one of the most reputable Wedding planners and decorators in Mauritius. Over time they create a wide network of happy people. They make sure that your special day is remembered forever. Moreover, they have a grandiose selection of highly-rated wedding venues.


We can say that Mauritius is an ideal destination for your dream wedding and these best wedding decorators provide an aesthetic and pleasing look to your special day. We hope this blog is beneficial for you. In this article, we mention the Top 10 Wedding Decorators In Mauritius. So, we are sure that after reading this you will find a wedding decorator in Mauritius.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 – How to choose the right wedding decorator in Mauritius?

Answer – Here we mention some tips for choosing the right wedding decorator in Mauritius. They are popular for organizing magnificent weddings in Mauritius. 

  • An Outstanding Reputation.
  • Organizational Skills. 
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • A One Stop Shop. 
  • Open to Suggestions and Ideas. 
  • Passion for Creativity. 
  • Attention to Detail. 
  • Reliable and Trustworthy.

Question 2 – What do wedding decorators do in a wedding?

Answer – They create floor plans, source decorations and rentals, coordinate with vendors, and make sure everything is set up and ready for you to go on your special day.