Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland

Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland – In this blog , we will discuss the Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland. From catering to photography and flowers to the sound playlist, wedding planners keep you and all your wedding functions organized all while decreasing your stress and making sure the planning process is fun for you. 

Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland

Your wedding planner will take care of every small to small detail during your wedding events and will create a remarkable experience with everything collapsing smoothly into place. Their formation and efforts will take your wedding functions to the next level. They will describe wedding logistics to you, arrange vendor contracts, and make sure that wedding function activities go as planned.  The amazing natural beauty of the awesome Alps, the beautiful lakes, picturesque villages, international cities, and tall and high castlesare what just Switzerland has to offer you. Add some delicious chocolates, shopping, wine tasting, and cheeses and it gets even better. In the below section, we have listed the Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland. 

Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland

#1. Shaandaar Events

Want to get away from the madness and the never-ending guest list to tie the knot of marriage in your city? Well, wedding planners will make the perfect, amazing, and magical getaway for you, your family, and your guests. Shaandar Events is one of the top wedding planners. If you want your wedding to be Shaandar, you should book them for your special day and make it unique and unforgettable. From choosing the venue to deciding on the menu they will make sure to help you in every situation. 

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#2. Tehia Narvel Events

Tehiya Narvel Events is Switzerland’s most famous full-service Wedding and Events Planner and is special in the design, concepts, planning, and management of luxurious events. They work with Europe’s most elegant venues – each one a wonderful destination for your personalized wedding, corporate event, or private celebration. Their strength is in their ability to take creativity from your ideas, combine it with their innovation, and then include the resulting blend into amazing venues to finally leave you shocked and, in most cases, surprised. Whatever the occasion is– weddings, corporate events of varying scales, anniversaries, or brand launches, they turn the most aspiring desire into a picturesque reality.

#3. Black Pearl Production

Black Pearl Production is one of the best wedding and event planning companies. This company is based in Switzerland and is famous for its services and management. BlackPearl Production is a full-service agency in the area of ​​ communication. Trade fairs, Company events, and public events, as well as exhibitions, are their areas of activity. They offer all planning of events from A to Z as well as all types of event technology from a single origin. Experts, innovative, professionals, solution-oriented, and with a lot of passion. Black Pearl Production began in 2014. BlackPearl Production was founded in around May 2014. Over the next few years, the company has become larger to include two full-time positions and innumerable independent positions. The number of functions executed increased continuously. In 2018, a new and bigger office and storage space was moved into.

#4. Vitalis Events

With its experience in event management, communications, and organization, its team makes your plans come true to your life while upholding your values. Versatile, Creative, detail-oriented, and constantly searching for new trends, they are loaded up to realize all your projects. Vitalis Events always makes your functions with your identity and intention in mind. Your ideas, from the most original to the most theoretic, make the heart of your story beat and transform your functions into memorable moments full of creativity,  emotion, and uniqueness. They do their work directly with local vendors and partners to tailor-made services and guarantee competitiveness,  and responsiveness during the event. 

#5. Planitwiss

Planitswiss is a full-service solutions provider that specializes in the wedding planning and execution of tailor-made joint, public, and complete events. It is situated in Switzerland and its offices are in Africa, Asia, and Europe, they execute their projects all around the world. As an international event agency, its full team of experts offers unreal expertise in event production and management and they make sure that the delivery of victorious events globally.

#6. Simi’s Event GmbH

You have an idea – that your dream wedding, a big family function, the anniversary of your favorite club. Or you are planning a product launch, a company party, or an open day. Because: There is a lot of work to do. From where to start the planning? And will the event even be a success? Eventually, you want to impress your guests. And that’s exactly why they are here for you. They collect ideas, organize, develop a coherent concept plan, create an affordable budget, and keep a keen eye on it. And when your big day comes, they will ensure everything runs evenly. 

#7. Privilege Event 

Privilege Event has been offering event planning and venue services all over Switzerland for over 15 years. In the area of ​​location service, their solutions include comprehensive management directly at your company headquarters. With their customers, the important expert knowledge, and the right contacts, they create customized concepts and create functioning operational processes. They value the best quality, creative strength, and acceptable management.

#8. Sargent Events

Their expert flexibility, creativity, authenticity, involvement, and integrity have built strong customer relationships, and they are proud to see their clients. Sargent Events is a human-sized agency. they are as enthusiastic, and empathetic, and they are always focused on their work. 

#9. Illumina Weddings

They love to create amazing and elegant weddings in different locations that will be truly unforgettable for years later. For them, a wedding is perfect when the bride and groom stand in front of them on the wedding day with tears in their eyes and are deluged by what they see. This moment always motivates them to create different and exclusive concepts. They support their couples with over 10 years of know-how, a sense of elegance, and an entire network of service providers at home and abroad. They look towards to always getting to know new stories and making something great together.

#10. NJ Events Hochrhein

NJ Events Hochrhein is a company located in Switzerland. It is a full-service company and it is famous for wedding planning, event planning, and parties.  


In the above, we have listed all the Top 10 Wedding Planners In Switzerland. They are the best wedding planners in Switzerland so you can choose which will suit your budget and your ideas. And hope you will get the idea of choosing the right wedding planner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1- Who is the top and best Wedding planner in Switzerland?

Answer- Shaandar Events is the best Wedding planner in Switzerland.

Question 2- Who provides all services for the wedding in Switzerland?

Answer- Shaandar Events provides all services for weddings in Switzerland.