When a wedding is near, outfits are the first thing that comes to mind. We get excited to shop for the brides but do we have the same excitement when shopping for the groom? Yes, we do! Not all heroes wear capes, some write blogs too. Dear grooms, get ready to flaunt your physique with some galvanizing groom kurtas. From traditional to designer, we’ve shortlisted some awe-inspiring groom kurtas to dress you up all Bolly. Groom kurtas sure have changed in style with the time, but they still don’t limit themselves to give the grooms that regal look they desire.

Why just grooms, the groomsmen can too hit the stage with these amazing kurta designs.

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The Indo-Western Groom Kurta

This groom kurta is the ongoing trending design in indo-western look. The contrast between the patiala and the kurta is what makes this groom kurta pop up. As regal as this groom kurta design looks, westernization has not left the side with the cuts and slits. We are loving the simplicity of this groom kurta with those sober colors and trending design. 

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Flaunt The Curves: Not Yours But The Kurta’s

image 12
Flaunt The Curves

This groom kurta is the foremost trending design which we have fallen in love with. Match any color with white it becomes majestic and so has this groom kurta. This kurta design is so new that it will grab eyes as soon as you wear them out. The groom kurtas must look diverse from the others, this kurta design just makes that wish come true. 

The Lucknowi Swag Has Entered The Chat

image 15
The Lucknowi Swag Has Entered The Chat

The lucknowi style kurta are not new by name, but sure are new with the changing trends in its kurta designs and patterns. This groom kurta is favorable for both the groom and the groomsmen. We love the color of this groom kurta, the styling is phenomenal and the look is pure statement. This groom kurta is worth a place in the wardrobe. Trending designs speak a lot about your fashion and this groom kurta will give you just the finest look. 

Old Is Gold And Nehru Kurta Still Remains Bold

image 11
Old Is Gold And Nehru Kurta Still Remains Bold

The nehru jacket paired with kurta is something our grooms have loved to wear since ages. This groom kurta always remains in trend with its incredible look and upgraded designs. The groom kurta design which doesn’t fail to become a first sight love is the nehru jacket kurta. This trending design in nehru jackets is being loved widely and is a must try for the wedding. 

The Overly-Pleasing Overcoat Style Kurta

image 10
The Overly-Pleasing Overcoat Style Kurta

Do you want a royal fit? This groom kurta with an overcoat styling just gives you that new age “your highness” vibes. This groom kurta is intactly designed with big and bold buttons in the middle paired with a clean pleated patiala to make it even more gorgeous. This groom kurta is a trending design in today’s date as it gives you all the luxury aura in your wedding. 


Rajwadi Kurta Makes You King

Rajwadi Kurta Makes You King

When it comes to groom kurtas that will give you princely vibes, then this rajwadi kurta is our first choice. The trending designs that these groom kurtas hold is mesmerizing and unique. The intricacy in the designs is what we are drooling over. The rajwadi look is all this groom kurta is blessing you with and it’s worth a wedding function. Fret not! This kurta design will bring all the spotlights on you. 

Sherwani And Kurta: Two In One Kurta Design

image 13
Sherwani And Kurta

When you are not a fan of sherwani, but want to go full traditional, this groom kurta design must catch your eye. The design of this groom kurta is all sherwani inspired with the beading and blings. The colors of this groom kurta set also give the traditional sherwani vibes. This trending design which gives you two in one look is worth giving a try, what say dear grooms? The groom kurta should make you feel like a groom and with this kurta design is just easily possible.

Go Tall With The Short Kurta Designs

image 9
Go Tall With The Short Kurta Designs

If you get irritated with the long kurtas, then this shirt kurta design can be your ice-breaker. This groom kurta design is fascinating to the eyes with the western feel complied with the indian looks. This groom kurta design is something that is easy to wear and handle. The comfort of this groom kurta makes it a trending design which the grooms will absolutely love.

Velvety Smooth Kurta Design

image 14
Velvety Smooth Kurta Design

This groom kurta design is awesome for a winter wedding. The look of this velvet groom kurta design is regal and stylish which makes it a trending design for a groom kurta collection. This groom kurta is royal in looks as well as color and gives you the maharaja feel in the wedding. This sort of kurta design is also appealing for the groomsmen too as it is just that classy. 

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The Pathani Kurta Design

image 16
The Pathani Kurta Design

This pathani kurta design is suitable for any sort of pre-wedding functions. The minimal look of this groom kurta design is simple and classy which will grant you comfort and easiness. As exhausting the weddings are, this sort of groom kurta design will be the most suitable ones. The groom kurta doesn’t always need to be super heavy, sometimes the light ones too do fine work. This pathani kurta is in our trending design list due to its condensed looks.

The groom kurta designs have recently become a greater trend in the market. These rising kurta demands have created a demand for newer groom kurta designs. Not only do our brides love shopping for their outfits, but the grooms have been giving a tough competition in the present day weddings with trending designs in groom kurtas. And why not, we love a good competition between both ladkewale and ladkiwale. However, we are here to make the competition even tougher by giving you best outfit ideas both in bridal lehengas as well as groom kurta designs. 

Grooms, do not hold back! We’ve got your back to help you snatch the spotlight with amazing and trending designs in groom kurta.