Unique Illustrated Wedding Invitations That We Loved!

Wedding invitation card is the only source that connects the host and the guests. Without a wedding invitation card nobody goes to weddings. Wedding invitation cards are an essential part of your wedding planning. After you choose a wedding venue and set the date, the next thing that comes in the To-Do List is to design or mail wedding card invitations. Your wedding invite is the first official announcement of not only giving the good news but also to tell your family and friends a glimpse into your love story. The wedding invitation card is a medium where couples can express themselves.

You need to be thoughtful while choosing your wedding invitation card. It will contribute to the excitement and happiness of guests attending the wedding ceremony. Wedding invitation cards will give an insight to your guests about the themes and tone of your wedding. In wedding invitation cards, everybody loves the classic invitations with swirling calligraphy but now it is considered old fashion. We need to be creative with everything. Since it is essential information for a wedding invitation card, you have endless ways of creativity here. Your wedding invitation card needs to look classy and aesthetic.

Wedding invitation cards are now available in a variety of styles. Let’s give a look at them.


Wedding Invites with all that Glitters with Gold Foil

This type of wedding invitation card gives a traditional yet beautiful look and shows that you are a minimalist couple who likes to add some jazz to things with a touch of gold.

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Wedding Invites with Couple Caricature on Background

Wedding invitation cards with the couple caricatures are absolutely adorable. Here the designer paid an ode to the couple’s love story.


Wedding Invites inspired by Raja Ravi Verma

Wedding invitation card with Raja Ravi Verma beautifully painted is creative at its finest. These wedding invites are a sight for any art enthusiast.


Wedding Invites designed with Wedding invitation Boxes

Who said boxed invites are the news of the old. These days everything is in fashion for wedding invitation cards including wedding invitation boxes. This box includes a wedding invitation card and certain gifts and goodies that a couple might want to share.


Wedding Invites with Gorgeously designed Peacocks

Peacock motifs are probably a favorite when it comes to Indian wedding invitation cards. They show a gentle and graceful feeling and make us hopeful about new beginnings.


Handmade Wedding Invites

This wedding invite is divine. Handmade invites with gold dipped corners and floral wine design in watercolors add sophistication and elegance to the piece.


These are some of the styles of wedding invitation cards that are in trend but for adding more creativity to wedding invites, here are some creative ideas.


Wedding Invites with Wedding Invitation Maps

This is a new trend and I think it is here to stay. Maps are a great way to personalize a wedding invitation card. We love to see where the couple is from or to share all the events over the wedding weekend.


Wedding Invitation Envelope Liners

Wedding envelope liners from floral to solid colors, watercolor design envelope liners have been all the rage and we are here for it. Envelope liners for wedding card invitations are a great finishing touch and the perfect place to add font design elements.

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Wedding Invites designed with Watercolor

Wedding invitation card designed with watercolor adds prettier wedding invites. From airy floral to venue illustrations, watercolors lend an artistic and custom field to wedding invitation cards.


Wedding Invites having Monograms to make a Mark

Wedding invitation card with monograms is an example of a classic wedding invite. You can use your married last name initial for a one letter monogram, your first initial for a two letter monogram or your first initials and married last name initial for a three letter monogram.


Wedding Invites with Wax Seals

Wax seals on wedding invitation cards has become a trend again. It has made the biggest comeback and become a new hot trend. They make the wedding invites look like a small gift for each guest. It has various colors and designs. 



Whatsapp Wedding Invitation Card 

Talking about wedding invitation cards, we have forgotten that now our world has become technical. Now, we do not need to go home to home to distribute wedding invitation cards. We can share wedding invitation cards on WhatsApp also. WhatsApp invitations have become popular these days. It is a quick, cost-sector, and eye-catching way to invite guests to any function or event. There is nothing like a wedding invitation card that has lost its beauty because of technology. 

The WhatsApp wedding invitation card is still connected to the roots. There are still images of peacock, god, flower, elephants, and a former bride in Doli on it. It is still a traditional card with a modern twist. These wedding invitation cards have the latest trending fonts, animation and graphics. They are influenced by Bollywood movies. WhatsApp wedding invitation cards add a couple photo from a pre-wedding photoshoot to make them unique. Not only photos, sometimes they also add videos to it to make it more interesting. These videos show the journey of love between a couple. The WhatsApp wedding invitation card also has creative doodle art which looks so adorable.

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There is a style of WhatsApp wedding invitation card which shows the WhatsApp chat sharing all the details of the wedding. It has the same format as whatsapp.


After discussing every style of art on wedding invitation cards we should remember that what is written inside wedding invitation cards is also necessary. From haldi ceremony to wedding reception every event of your wedding deserves equal attention. A beautiful wedding invitation card is not enough until and unless the events are not described properly. After all, it is the main point of making wedding invitation cards.

Wedding invitation card must have the name of the bride and groom along with the name of their parents. Some couples also mention the name of parents who have passed away with the phrasing “with the blessing of the late…..” Date and time should be properly mentioned in wedding invitation cards. RSVP instruction should be properly described.

Themes and dress code of the wedding should also be mentioned on the wedding invitation card. Ceremonies should be properly mentioned with their exact date and time. You can also add some beautiful love quotes to make your wedding invite look more lovely.

So, while designing wedding invitation cards you may want to keep them with a traditional and classic look but sometimes these designs can feel stuffy and old fashioned. We need to add creativity and different styles to wedding invites because it reflects the personality of a modern couple. So whether you choose a traditional wedding invitation card or a modern wedding Invitation card they should be aesthetic and good to go.

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