Villa Medicea Di Lilliano

If you are looking for a villa that ticks all the boxes, be it the location, the views, or the amenities. This magnificent piece of the creation is located just 12 km away from downtown Florence. The location is perfect as it boasts the breath-taking view of the cathedral of Florence, exuding the spiritual vibe to the location and the view of the rolling hills with olive groves, grape vines and cypress trees exuding the vibe that makes you feel the love in the air. The sheer beauty and the location make it the perfect destination for a wedding, complementing the couples’ bond by making it even more potent. It is a perfect location for weddings and other such events, but it also houses an award-winning winery with some of the finest collections of wines found in the Tuscan region.

The villa offers an entrance that looks stunning from every angle. The sizeable scenic fountain where a pleasant welcome can be organized under the shade of the trees. An inclined staircase is wide and leads you to the first floor, where you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the cathedral of Florence. Many people choose to host the wedding event on the terrace because of the view.

As a bonus, the Villa Medicea has attentive staff that take care of basically everything and make sure you have a beautiful stay and a beautiful time. They can arrange cooking classes and wine tastings. If you are particularly interested in a wedding, they will be present at the wedding taking care of everything and making sure the events run smoothly. The villa offers 5 suites that can accommodate up to 12 people for your close friends and family. If you are looking to book for a day, inquire in advance, as the villa books up quickly.

Destination Wedding at Villa Medicea Di Lilliano

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