Want to do twinning at your wedding?

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For the bride and groom, picking out wedding trending outfits is a really tricky thing. As the outfits are not for any normal day, they are for the bride and groom’s special day. So, the wedding outfits of the bride and groom need to be unique and special. At first, the couple needs to be aware of trending outfits of bride and groom for their wedding day.

If the couple likes style and colors then they can go for a twinning dress. Yes! The bride and groom can wear a twinning dress for their big day and other wedding functions. Twinning dress not only looks picture perfect but the bride and groom have not to worry anymore about each other’s outfit choice. Bride and groom  can  coordinate one color they love and can pick it for their wedding outfit. Not only colors, the bride and groom can also match fabrics and prints.

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Usually, red and pink are trendy shades for bride and groom but here we are with numerous shades and styles a couple can do twinning dress with for their wedding trending outfits.

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Dull gold color for twinning dress

Bride and groom for their wedding trending outfit can go for a twinning dress with dull gold color. It is such a unique and rare shade worn by couples. This gorgeous dull gold color that this couple is wearing is simply surreal. This color is such a trendy shade for modern brides and grooms too.

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Ivory color for twinning dress

Ivory color for the bride and groom trending outfit looks so unique and fresh. Couples breaking myths are choosing colors of their own choice for their wedding day. This couple has also decided to choose ivory shade for twinning dress on their special day.

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Periwinkle green color for twinning dress

This is another unique and very pretty shade for twinning dresses of trending outfits for bride and groom. This super trendy and dainty color the bride and groom are wearing is looking so refreshing for their summer wedding.

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Butterscotch yellow  color for Twinning dress

This unique soft butterscotch yellow color for twinning dress is already winning the hearts of bride and groom for their trending outfits. Isn’t it looking nice on this beautiful couple?

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Turkish rose color for twinning dress

Turkish rose color is a sign of love and that’s what we need on a bride and groom’s special wedding day. This color is looking so nice and elegant on both bride and groom’s trending outfit.

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Sage green color for twinning dress

Pastel shades are so in trend for trending outfits. The Sage green color twinning dress is looking pretty and subtle on both bride and groom. This shade is perfect for mehendi and cocktail functions.

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Soft beige color for twinning dress

Soft beige with gold hues is the perfect combo for twinning dress designing outfits for the bride and groom. This  shade is looking so pretty and very dainty.

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Cinnamon color for twinning dress

Cinnamon is a very new shade of brown and it’s a beautiful shade for twinning dresses designing outfits for the bride and groom. This couple is winning our hearts by wearing a twinning dress with this pretty shade.

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Peach color for twinning dress

Peach is a pastel shade and is best for a twinning dress for a bride and groom designing an outfit. This color looks pretty on both bride and groom. This beautiful couple is glooming together at their engagement ceremony.

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Lavender color for twinning dress

This bride and groom twinning dress in lavender designing outfits on their special day is looking fantastic. Designer blouse of the bride is so pretty and so is the jacket of the groom.

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Wine color for twinning dress

Wine color these days is so in trend. This bride and groom has chosen wine color glittered with sparkling sequins for twinning dress. Their designing outfit looks so bold and unique.

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Powder blue for twinning dress

This color is super adorable and cheerful for both bride and groom designing outfits. This couple has chosen powder blue for a twinning dress on their special day and both are looking really pretty. 


Mint sage green for twinning dress

This twinning dress color for designing the outfit of this bride and groom is breathtaking. This shade looks so pretty on the couple. This shade is so subtle yet exquisite. It is a great pick for couples who want unique pastel shades.

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Bubble gum pink for twinning dress

This shade is older than others for designing outfits for brides. But for a twinning dress it’s brand new. It was a myth that girls wear pink but not boys. But groom breaking myths are wearing every color they like. This couple is looking so happy in this shade of their wedding outfits.

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Yellow color for twinning dress

Yellow color is compulsory for bride and groom to wear on their haldi function. But twinning a dress is a different thing. Twinning dress means the same fabric, print and shade. This couple is wearing the same color and print of yellow designing outfit and slaying at their haldi function.

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Silver and metallic for twinning dress

This silver and metallic shade for the bride and groom designing outfit is a unique and peaceful combination for twinning dress. Both the bride and groom are looking so gorgeous in this shade of color.

So, these are the beautiful shades for twinning dresses of brides and grooms designing outfits. You can take inspiration from these couples to decide to slay at your wedding ceremonies. It is your Day, you need to look special at every ceremony of your wedding.