Want To Flaunt Your Hands On Your Wedding Day?

Wedding jewellery is the epicenter of Indian weddings. Wedding jewellery  needs the most attention at Indian weddings. Not only attention, wedding jewellery is the most expensive area of wedding. Wedding jewellery takes the time to make choices and finalize designs that should suit everyone and also matches with the outfit.

Out of wedding jewellery, bridal jewellery is undoubtedly the most integral part of the Indian bridal look. Bridal jewellery can simply make and break the look of bridal on her special day. It has taken that jewellery game to the next level. Bridal jewellery includes choker, nath, hair jewellery, maang tikka and hand jewellery. Everything in bridal jewellery gets noticed on the big day. But brides give less attention to hand jewellery as compared to other bridal jewellery. Hand jewellery also needs attention ladies! Today, hand jewellery is not just limited to Bengals, cocktail rings or bracelets. We have new designs in the market for hand jewellery such as breathtaking haath phool, statement rings etc which are show stoppers.

Out of many multiple designs choosing the perfect piece of hand jewellery can be difficult and confusing. Here we are with the best and latest collection of hand jewellery.

Haath Phool for Hand jewellery

Haath phool hand jewellery has become so trendy these days. A lot of brides are choosing it for bridal jewellery. Some are picking colorful and edgy floral haath phool and others are choosing bespoke bejeweled ones for their haldi  and mehndi ceremonies and also for their wedding day.

Traditional Kadas for Hand jewellery

Bengals are one of the integral parts of bridal jewellery and brides love to wear Bengals. But today we have numerous designs and patterns to wear as hand jewellery from elaborated kadas to voguish cuffs and ultra mode bracelets.

Statement Ring for Hand jewellery.

A ring is another important part of hand jewellery. But the ring has been upgraded to a statement ring. It has various designs and patterns in kundan, diamond, silver, gold, pearl and polki.

Finger Cuffs for Hand jewellery

Apart from other hand jewellery bridles are also purchasing these finger cuffs for showing their manicures. Bridals usually wear this on their sangeet and cocktail ceremony.

Handcuffs for Hand jewellery

Handcuffs have recently become a trend in Indian weddings. Every bride wants something unique for their hand jewellery and here they got it. Diamond handcuffs are one of the best hand jewellery brides can wear as it goes with every dress. But there are various designs of handcuffs a bride can wear matching with their outfit.

Bridal Kalire for Hand jewellery

Kalire as hand jewellery is rooted as the tradition in north Indian weddings. Kalire is not a new hand jewellery but still brides love to wear it. Brides of other religions are also fascinated to wear it. This combination of contrasting floral and gold kalire with pastel lehenga is absolutely a visual treat for the eyes and is new in trend these days. 

Floral Corsages for Hand jewellery

Bright and Bold Floral corsages are also known as haath phool. This hand jewellery is so trendy these days. Bridal wear this on their haldi and mehndi ceremonies. It comes in different colors so that the bride can match it to their outfit. This stunning bridal jewellery is customized with artificial flowers and small beads.

Minimal Haath Phool for Hand jewellery

Brides who want to wear light hand jewellery can go for minimal haath phool. It will look simple and graceful. It perfectly goes with both a super heavy or simple outfit for the bridal on her special day.

Gold Hand jewellery

Are you loving this antique gold hand jewellery? Then why leave it behind? Gold jewellery never fails to give you a unique look and never goes out of fashion. You can go for gold hand jewellery anytime you want.

Stones Hand jewellery

Stone jewellery with colorful new-age stones like moonstones and aquamarines are used to create a dainty yet fun look. You can go for rings, haath phool or bracelets made with stones. It looks beautiful.

Pearl Hand jewellery

Brides who want something minimal can go for Pearl hand jewellery. They never looked over and always gave a pretty and classy look. It goes with every color of your dress as you can see in this picture. This girl is wearing a yellow dress with pearl jewellery and she’s looking stunning.

Seashell Hand jewellery

We are so impressed with this fresh haath phool design of hand jewellery. We are admitting that these exquisite hath phool woven with seashells and glittering crystals are to die for .

Midi Rings for Hand jewellery

There is another unique hand jewellery called Midi rings because brides wear it in the middle of the finger. It looks elite on the mehendi hands of a bride.

Finger and Hand jewellery

These pretty finger and hand jewellery is what we are spotting these days on brides hands carrying at their engagement ceremony. This piece of hand jewellery is so dainty and exquisite.

Kaleera Bengals for Hand jewellery 

Funky kalire bangles for hand jewellery are perfect for modern brides. They look so gorgeous for Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies.

So, these are the collection of beautiful and unique hand jewellery that a bride can add in her wedding jewellery. Hand jewellery completes a bride’s look and specifically completes their hands. Your wedding jewellery should look mesmerizing on your wedding day as it’s your day and nobody can stop you from wearing jewellery .