What Accessories do grooms need on their wedding ? Apart from a wedding outfit, a perfect wedding attire includes a bunch of accessories to take your look up a notch and add some extra jazz to it. Brides have been donning pretty accessories for a long time now, but why should brides have all the fun?  After all, it’s not just the bride who is getting married!

Recently grooms have been rocking all sorts of wedding accessories and jewelry, making a conscious effort to up their style quotient on their D-Day. This checklist laid out by us is your only one-stop destination for all your wedding accessories and Jewelries to ace the style game on your wedding.


Although, Indian grooms don’t usually wear many pieces of jewelry. The one piece of jewelry that is most extensively worn by grooms is necklaces. These necklaces are the most dynamic piece of accessories. Groom necklaces are available in a variety of ranges from minimal to extravagant. These necklaces come with exquisite detailing and make for a perfect addition to every groom’s jewelry collection!


The Classic Pearl Necklace

These classics have been around for a very long time, most commonly sported by the grooms. Mostly in Indian weddings, the groom is seen in that royal king look totally complimented by these classic necklaces or malas. Grooms are totally pulling this look off by donning this jewelry in different ways, which surely gives them that pristine look.

pearl necklace for groom

Simple layered pearl necklace

Simple layered pearl necklace

Double toned pearl necklace

Double toned pearl necklace

Pearl necklace mixed with other jewels

Pearl necklace mixed with other jewels

Pearls paired together with Gold


Colorful Ruby/ Emerald Necklace

These necklaces are always there to add some colors to the groom’s outfit while giving them a regal and supreme look. These necklaces create the perfect contrast with outfits with light shades. The beauty which these ruby and emerald mala give away is just unparalleled.

colourful necklace for groom

Diamond Embedded Jewelry

Well, we are suckers for some royal diamond embedded that never fails to lend a royal and traditional look for the wedding day. Giving that elegant plus expensive look to your attire.

groom diamond necklace

Line of Bright Gemstones for the Grooms

Love a wild sprinkle of tones? Regardless of whether you are a husband to be who inclines toward exemplary beige and gold sherwani adornments or somebody who goes for bolder and more current shades, you can generally add some pizzazz to your look with a string or a greater amount of beautiful gemstones.

Emerald rocks hung with pearl globules or catches and pendants with pearls or Polki itemizing are a well known decision. As are shining rubies in layers with a precious stone or Kundan proclamation catch. For the individuals who like to take a stab at something else, blue or yellow sapphire are different alternatives particularly in case they are facilitated with the lady’s look of the day.

Line of Bright Gemstones for the Grooms


The stoles/ shawls or dupattas are a hot accessory to perk up your wedding Sherwani. Carrying these as one of the accessories on your wedding day will definitely add that extra appeal to the whole fit. These are widely used in Sikh weddings and are present in a wide range of styles be it plain and simple, floral, golden piping, or embroidered, adding to the dapper wedding look.



A Sehra is a headdress worn by the groom on his wedding day. Sehras is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of groom accessories, adding the royal feel to the groom’s overall look. Only floral or gota sehras were worn conventionally, but with time bejeweled sehras are taking over. It is the perfect accessory for the Groom.

groom sehra


Mainly worn in traditional Indian weddings, these safas or turbans are pieces of clothing worn on the head embedded with pretty bling ornaments. Grooms usually color coordinates it with the bride’s wedding attire for that twinning couple look or go for a totally different color to create a contrast. These groom safas are perfect to experiment with from monotone to florals. These are the perfect accessory for the Groom.



Brooches and cufflinks are one of the must-have accessories to bring up the elegance and oomph in the groom’s attire. These are the little key details that make an everlasting impression. Brooches can be pinned up in sherwani or turban which lends a royal look to the groom’s persona. It can do wonders in enhancing a groom’s look and giving that extra and perfect touch of royalty and glamour. Cufflinks can do more than just secure shirt cuffs. These accessories are a great way for grooms to add some personality and shine to their looks. These are the perfect accessory for the Groom.



A show-stopping statement kalgi is the way to go mainly for Sikh grooms. Traditionally it was an essential element for royal grooms to sport a kalgi, but in recent times grooms are showing their personal style along with honoring the tradition. From minimal kalgi designs to some over-the-top designs you can play with them. Mang fashion-forward grooms have been spotted with some offbeat and trendy kalgi designs. To stand out of the crowd you can go with a chain, feather, multi-tiered, and pearl strings kalgi. It is a perfect accessory for the Groom.



This new addition of statement groom belts has added the much-needed bounce and vim to the groom’s attire. These embellished fabric belts are most prominently worn by Sikh and Rajasthani grooms. They are available in different colors and styles nowadays. Groom Belts (Kamarbandh) can also be used for holding Swords of the Groom. These belts are also available in zari work and are very comfortable to carry with the outfit. While bridal lehenga belts are having a moment, why are grooms to be left behind?



Since ancient times, Sikh grooms have held traditional and royal katars on their wedding day. These accessories signify their brave culture while being a style statement. They can give your attire a depth that you had never just imagined.



Groom’s juttis are The accessory that also plays a very necessary role in the traditions. These juttis need to be quirky yet royal. Jodhpuri or Kolhapuri jutis are the most common choice for the groom these days. Leather moccasins complement Jodhpuri suits. Nagrais or mojaris look great with heavily embellished groom kurtas or sherwanis.

Color Coordinated Groom Accessories

There’s no refusal to the way that grooms love to colour coordinate their look with their ladies. In this way, dear grooms-to-be, do it like these genuine grooms who facilitated their safa and took shading to their ladies’ outfits and how.

color codinated bride and groom outfits


Last however not least, an ideal pair of mojaris that is an unquestionable requirement each lucky man should add to his look. It finishes the whole look and upgrades the glory of your style. A shimmery mojari like this would thoroughly add an exemplary touch to your ethnic clothing. Trench the ordinary shoes and wear something that suits the clothing and the event.

You can likewise keep it basic in fine faux leather. Whatever you do, recollect that somebody or the other will take them, conceal them and pay you to hack up a fortune essentially to have them recovered. So ensure you establish an appropriate connection with your parents in law with your sleek mojris.


These all are the perfect accessories to accentuate the elegance of your traditional outfit, furthermore, adding a perfect pop of color and edginess.