Wedding Décor Trends to Look Forward to This Year!

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, people are a bit skeptical about getting experimental. Following the trends have always been the “tradition” of themed weddings. However, there is always room for fresh ideas if you are up for an unforgettable unique ceremony. One has to expand the horizon of imaginations and bring out the extraordinary. With different ideas and setups, not only is it going to be a memorable day for the couple, but the guests will also be flattered to have witnessed a gorgeous event.

Some of the creative and trending wedding decor ideas that deserve special mention-

Shimmering Starry Staging Set

For an enchanting feel, this classic theme décor with golden strings and large handcrafted flowers will go perfectly. It will have a simple white seating area with fancy candles adjacent to it. The white hanging adornments are sure to make it feel like a fairy tale. The best decorator in Chandigarh will always make sure to add a shimmering effect to the entire set for a subtle gorgeous feel.  

The Amphitheatre Style Mandap 

With the rituals being performed at the central stage that is surrounded by fancy lamps and adorned with rose petals to light up the whole area, the seating area features an amphitheater-style with colorful cushions. It is simple but has a unique touch that offers comfort to the guests.

A Grand Floral Stage Décor 

If you are going for sheer gorgeous, this mind-blowing hued floral décor with a huge chandelier and colorful drapes is a perfect choice. It has sofa seating at the center and scalloped highlights to bring out the extravagant. An experienced decorator in Ludhiana and his/her team will be able to bring this beautiful concept to reality.

Go Funky With the Parasol

If the hired decorator in Amritsar is willing to try out something edgy, the idea of a multicolored parasol with cut-outs does seem out of the box. It would not only look stylish but also have a brilliant shadow effect on the ground. The seating area beneath the parasol can color coordinate with it to bring out the best.

Simple and Romantic Staging Area Décor 

As it is known to all, red is the universal color of love. Looking for something simple? An all-red floral background with a small white sofa at the center and flower vases on each side will be sophisticated and elegant.

Hued Floor Pillows Around the Mandap 

Floor seating arrangements are quite trendy and contribute to a vibrant atmosphere. The mandap is beautifully decorated with flowers and colorful drapes. Floor pillows of various colors are arranged on the freshly cut grass. A professional and experienced decorator in Jalandhar will take care of the guests’ comfort as well as keep the fancy design intact.

If you are inspired by these trendy décor ideas, contact the best wedding decorator in Patiala. One has to think beyond the plain old traditional ways and get experimental to have an original wedding theme. The magnificent décor will keep the memories of this special day alive in everyone’s hearts.