Wedding Decoration In Guwahati

Wedding Decoration In Guwahati – Wedding decoration plays an important role in individual lives. Considered to be one of the day’s most conspicuous features are the wedding decorations. These Wedding Decoration In Guwahati decorations are significant because decoration creates the mood for the celebration. These decorations give them the appropriate appearance for the event and highlight the location and the ceremony.

Wedding Decoration In Guwahati

Nowadays, the main focus of weddings is on exhibiting your unique flair. Shaandaar Events provides the best wedding Decoration In Guwahati. Here are the contact details of Shaandaar Events you can contact us by calling at @+91 7018902594, or +91 9491425000 or writing an email at

Guwahati | A Brief Introduction

Guwahati is a vast metropolis beside the Brahmaputra River in the northeast Indian state of Assam. It is well-known for sacred locations including the Shiva and Vishnu temples at the summit of Kamakhya Temple. Navagraha Temple, built in the 18th century, is an astronomical center featuring planetary shrines to the east. Standing on Peacock Island in the river is the Shiva-focused Umananda Temple, which is covered in engravings.

Importance of wedding decoration

Indian weddings are never complete without décor. An Indian wedding is all about the décor, traditions, ceremonies, and other recognizable customs. In actuality, they are all arranged with priceless significance. Of course, a wedding will become more alluring and memorable the more exquisitely designed it is.

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So, there is a noticeable and contemporary need for wedding event decoration. Everyone aspires to have an extremely imaginative wedding. To meet their needs, Shaandaar Events is pleased to provide you with a team of experts with a variety of décor ideas for any occasion. Additionally, basic locations like the mandap, wedding stage, entrance, and celebrations get extra attention. As a result, they receive greater attention and visitor commentary.

Types of Wedding Decorators

Indeed, several styles are used to create the wedding. Alternatively, you can tell us right away if you want your wedding to be exactly how you envision it. All of your needs and demands will be handled by our skilled wedding planner. And to fulfill it on schedule, he will choose the best one. View the various wedding stage decoration styles here.

  • Theme-based wedding decoration
  • Traditional style-based wedding decoration
  • Contemporary style-based wedding decoration

1. Stage decoration based on theme wedding

The wedding stage is designed appropriately if you are the type of person who enjoys creating themes for events. themes such as fusion, modern, contemporary, colorful, regal, fairy tale, etc. So, the decision of which to choose is entirely yours. Additionally, our wedding planner designs spaces like the stage and mandap. Moreover, theme-based weddings are those that are planned and carried out around a specific topic.

2. Stage decoration based on traditional style

The modern wedding is the type where specific spaces, such as the reception or stage, are decorated with lights. Crucially, this is a distinct style with more amusement and lighting. This style typically features floral arrangements, stars, and vibrant balloons.

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3. Stage decoration based on Contemporary style

Traditional styles such as wedding decorations were created for outdoor kingdoms. In the traditional style, the wedding is prepared differently from the pure Indian wedding. This can include flowers, balloons, lamps, paper designs, candles, etc.

Shaandaar Events | Wedding Decorations

The greatest wedding decorator in Guwahati is Shaandaar Events. Being the greatest wedding decorators in Hyderabad, we are dedicated to making your wedding day genuinely Shaandaar Event since we recognize that it is one of the most important days of your life. Our team of gifted experts, who are among the finest in the business as wedding planners, has the know-how, imagination, and experience to create unique weddings that go above and beyond.

Shaandaar Events is an exceptional wedding planning company that always receives positive feedback and appreciation from its clients. Our meticulous attention to detail, faultless planning, and unrelenting commitment to producing events that people will remember make us genuinely unique. Every project our team at Shaandaar Events takes on benefits from the ideal fusion of creativity, professionalism, and knowledge. We take our clients’ visions and turn them into amazing realities. Every event we create is nothing less than ideal because of the creative ideas, faultless execution, and seamless teamwork of our staff. Shaandaar Events has raised the bar in the event planning sector with our outstanding service. It’s evident from their reviews that our clients consider us to be the greatest wedding planners.

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Contact Details

Name – Shaandaar Events
Phone No – +917018902594, +919491425000
Email Id –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – Which are the best wedding decoration service providers in Guwahati?
Answer – Shaandaar Events provides the best wedding decoration in Guwahati.

Question – Is wedding decor expensive?
Answer – These numbers can vary widely depending on how many guests you’re having, where you’re getting married, and how much you’ve budgeted for decor.

Question – What do decorators do in the wedding?
Answer – Wedding decorators are in charge of styling the venues (indoor or outdoor) and making the decorations look pleasing to the eye. They have the experience of a home interior designer and will ensure that all decorative pieces are in the right place.

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