Wedding Home Decoration Ideas and Latest Trends

Wedding Home Decoration Ideas and Latest Trends – The Indian wedding is famously known as The Big Fat Indian Wedding for obvious reasons. There is no doubt that a wedding is a one-time event that needs to be celebrated with joy, and love. Whether you want a budget-friendly wedding or an over-the-top celebration, decoration is an important element. Here, we are about to uncover the wedding home decoration ideas and the latest trends that you need to know. 

Wedding Home Decoration Ideas and Latest Trends

Decoration can be a way to reflect your style and taste. In this social media generation, everyone needs an Instagram-worthy picture of their wedding. Multiple themes became popular after going viral on the internet. However, we are going to explore the best and easiest wedding home decorations during this wedding season. 

Undoubtedly, decoration is an important element in Indian weddings. It helps in setting up the mood for the important day of your life. Whether you want an extravagant wedding or a budget-friendly wedding, decoration is the thing that you just cannot ignore. Yes, decorations cost hefty money but there are many ways you must try. Here, we are going to look at the list of top 10 wedding home decoration ideas & latest trends in India. 

#1. Minimalistic Wedding

Minimal wedding decoration has been popular recently. The basic concept of having a minimalistic wedding is “less is more”, where decoration is kept as minimal as possible. Here, simple colour palettes, and symmetrical patterns are used. First of all, choose a soft pastel colour or any neutral colour. To add warmth, add green and wood to the decor. 

#2. Bohemian Wedding Decoration 

Bohemian decor is not a new concept but recently gained popularity in Indian weddings. The main characteristic of a Bohemian Wedding is the electric patterns, using different textures, and earthy tones. Some basic bohemian decor items are vintage furniture, macrame, tapestries, and dreamcatchers. We recommend using this decoration idea for an outside venue.

#3 Sustainable Decor 

With increasing awareness regarding environmental sustainability, now–a–days, couples prefer sustainable decoration. In this, you used repurposed, and recycled materials. All the decor items are locally sourced, and rather than using exotic flowers, use only seasonal flowers. Apart from that, replace items in your wedding with biodegradable items such as plastic, confetti, potted plants, etc. 

#4. Vintage Decor For the Indian Wedding

Take inspiration from your parent’s generation and explore different options for decorating a wedding home. Also, you can combine two styles that make a unique theme that reflects you, such as vintage with retro elements. You can use vintage props for decor pieces and bold colours to complete the look. 

#5. Floral Extravaganza

Flowers are an important significance for any Indian wedding. There are endless ways to decorate the wedding home with flowers only. You can hang floral chandeliers, adding flowers to the walls and even ceilings. The choice of flowers is upto to you and availability. Whatever the flowers, they will always look beautiful. No wedding is complete without flowers but you can choose seasonal flowers due to constraints. 

#6. Cultural Fusion 

India is known for its diversity in terms of culture. These can be a great idea for wedding home decoration where you can inculcate two different cultures. Using colours, motifs, and traditions into something unique and meaningful. Food and outfits are two important factors for any culture. So, think something out of the box? And create something unique for your wedding!

#7. Royal Wedding

A royal wedding is never going to go out of fashion. Every other couple wants an extravagant wedding with a ceiling-high decoration, royalty showing from every corner, and so on. The popular colours are red and golden. Use roses as a flower decoration, and gold metallic furniture. The outfit must be extravagant too. 

#8. Personalized Neon Signs

Everyone has seen neon signs on their social media feeds. A trending wedding decor idea where you can put a customised neon sign that gives Instagram-worthy pictures. Also, it provides a personalised touch to the wedding. This is a must-try decor trend in your wedding and the best part is that you can repurpose the neon sign. 

#9. Using Drapes & Sarees

How can we forget about the colour drapes and sarees? These are perfect for ceiling decor. A colourful, fun vibe that is also budget-friendly is perfect for an Indian wedding home decoration. You can use old sarees and drapes of your choice and turn it into an amazing daylight event with minimum effort. 

#10 Adding Lighting

Proper lighting across the home with a combination of bright lights, subtle lights, white, and even neon lights has the power to turn any dull location into a happy place. You can choose different lighting for decoration on both ceilings and walls. Also, you can hang chandeliers for an extravagant look. Adding lights helps in giving royal wedding vibes on a budget. 

Final Takeaway 

Weddings are an important occasion for all Indians. In 2023, there are many different decor themes to explore that make your day even extra special. However, if you need assistance from one of the top destination wedding planners in India, Shaandaar Events. Then reach out to us today! At last,  this was all about wedding home decoration ideas and the latest trends. We hope you find this list informational and inspire you to decorate your dream wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer – Bohemian decor and minimalistic decor are some of the latest Indian decoration trends in 2023.

Question – How much decor constitutes the total wedding budget?

Answer – Usually, expert wedding planners suggest keeping 20-30% out of the total wedding budget for decoration. 

Question – Give some affordable wedding home decoration ideas.

Answer – Using drapes and sarees for ceiling decoration, repurposing the decor items, and using artificial flowers are some popular & affordable wedding home decoration ideas. 

Answer – Earthy tones and neutral tones have been trending colours in Indian weddings in 2023.