Wedding Invitation Inspirations For Your Special Day!

If you are planning on getting married this wedding season, you surely need to plan heaps of things. Weddings are one of the most amazing things but also a little stressful. However, the delight of sharing this joy and affection with your loved ones makes all the hard work worthwhile. Starting from wedding preparation, one thing you need to ponder upon is your wedding invitation which for sure sets the ball rolling for the wedding. But before you plan your wedding one thing you need to check is auspicious wedding dates in the year on the month you are planning to get married in.

We are certain that you don’t want to make your wedding invitation dull or boring, after all, it is the primary thing that sets the mood for your wedding. In both basic or modernized manners, you can opt for endless ways to unfurl your wedding news to your guests. 

And now if you are stuck in finalizing one design for your wedding invitation, we, Shaandaar Events are here to help you with our shortlisted and swoon-worthy wedding invitation cards inspiration to choose from.

Best Wedding Invitation Cards Inspiration

Scroll Wedding Invitation For A Royal Feel

Who doesn’t love a good royal look for their wedding invitations? We don’t know about others, but you best believe we surely do! 


Remarkably famous in earlier times, scroll wedding invitations are always one of the top picks for wedding invitations. These invitations can be made out of various types of papers and also on a velvet cloth. These can be utterly traditional and modern at the same time.

Scroll Wedding Invitation

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Card

As people are moving on to more environment-friendly alternatives, we can certainly see that in the case of wedding invitations too. For wedding invitations, people are opting for eco-friendly plantable wedding invitations, simple handmade invitations on recycled paper. These kinds of wedding invitations are 100% biodegradable and after the wedding day, they can be torn up and planted.

Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation

Play With Invitation Card Shapes

Wedding invitations with cool shapes are undoubtedly a big Yes for this wedding season! Boring rectangular invites do make it to houses but not to the hearts. Experimenting with some exciting shapes and patterns will add much-needed fun elements to your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation inspo
Wedding invitation inspo

Artsy Acrylic

If you believe in ‘The Less Is More’ this type of wedding invitation is for you. These types of invitations are the perfect blend of pretty aesthetics and minimalism. These acrylic transparent invitations intuitively highlight the text, so just add all the important wedding details to your invitation card and you are good to go!

Wedding invitation inspiration
Acrylic Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Wooden Engraved Wedding Invitations

What’s better for an admirer of nature than having cute wood engraved wedding invitations. When done right these invitations give off a rustic and elegant look.

Wooden Wedding invitation
Wooden Wedding Invitation Cards Inspiration

Customize Your Own

Looking for an invitation card with a personal touch that will leave your guests spellbound? Then these personalized custom wedding invitations are a great option for you! 

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These invitations show your personality and the vibe of your wedding. You can add in some caricatures, doodles, pictures, or anything you want.

Unique Wedding Invitations Card Inspiration

Apart from all the existing designs, nowadays couples are experimenting a lot more with their wedding invitations. For all the creativity enthusiasts taking a little more creative trip is the only way to go!

And if you are one of them, looking for the best wedding invitation theme ideas? or Creative and unique ideas for wedding invitations? Then just sit back and get ready to be flooded with some of the best quirky wedding invitation designs.

  • Newsprint Wedding Invitation: 

What better way to share your big NEWS on NEWSPAPER-themed wedding invitations.

Newspaper Wedding invitation
Newspaper Wedding Invitation

  • Engraved or laser-cut wedding invitation: 

Give your wedding invitation a little extravagant feel with these laser-cut shaped wedding cards.

Laser-cut Wedding Invitation
Laser-cut Wedding Invitation

  • Movie or tv show-themed wedding invitation card:

What better way to express your love for your favorite movie or show than designing a wedding card based on it?

TV Show Inspired Wedding Invitation
TV Show Inspired Wedding Invitation

  • Puzzle wedding invitation cards: 

Make a wedding invitation a little more fun-filled with a puzzle theme wedding card.

Wedding Invitation Inspiration
Puzzle Wedding Invitation

  • Storybook Design:

Your love story is just like one in a romantic fairytale, so why don’t just make the wedding invitation in a storybook design?

Unique Wedding Invitation
Storybook Wedding Invitation

  • Passport Design: 

Passport designer wedding invitations are for sure the most fun option when it comes to destination weddings!

Passport Wedding Invitation
Passport Wedding Invitation

  • Cassette or Vinyl: 

Making sure that your marriage is on record! These cassettes and vinyl play the wedding details, and definitely, your wedding invitation can’t get any cuter than this!

Vinyl Wedding Invitation

  • Go Digital:
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Nowadays when everything is turning digital, wedding invitations are not behind. Not only are these digital invitations are cost-effective, but it also saves time and effort. Additionally, this also keeps things organized.

Digital Wedding Invitation
Digital Wedding Invitation

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A Wedding Card:

  • Make sure the wedding invitation goes with the vibe and style of the wedding
  • Be clear and precise with the wedding details 
  • Pick a pretty font type with the right size to make sure it is readable.
  • Finalize a color palette to be used for the wedding invitation.
  • Evaluate different shapes and sizes according to your preference.
  • Start designing the wedding invitation on time and with on-time we mean, when you have all the details and still time to send across all these invitations to the guests.

Weddings are magical times in one’s life and we all certainly want to make it special and memorable not only for us but for everyone who is involved. Surely wedding cards are one integral part of this, and with the abundance of options, you need to choose what works best for you!

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