Wedding Varmala Ideas

The usual rituals that take place during the wedding day are what gives Indian weddings their authentic flavour. The Wedding Varmala Ritual, also known as Jaimala, is the first meeting between the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony begins. The Hindi term mala refers to a garland made up of flowers strung together on a string. The exchange symbolises their acceptance and oneness in their upcoming wedding.

Wedding Varmalas are made out of a variety of bright flowers that are also used to decorate the Mandap and the wedding site, according to custom. The Wedding Varmalas for the ceremony are made out of roses, carnations, marigolds, and orchids.

Every bride dreams of the best wedding with the best Wedding Varmala ideas because it’s her big day. The pictures and videos of the day will be seen all life long. But, here questions arise like what are the best Wedding Varmala ideas? How to implement the different Wedding Varmala ideas? How to make a Wedding Varmala idea come into life with creativity? We are here for you with all the answers relating to Wedding Varmala ideas.

Rose Garlands (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Rose Garlands (Wedding varmala Ideas)

First, on the list of Wedding Varmala ideas, we have Rose garlands. Red roses, in bud or full bloom, are frequently used in traditional wedding varmala. Take inspiration from the Virushka and Milind Soman wedding, where white, pink, and yellow flowers brought out the finest in both the bride and groom’s outfits.

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The use of full-blown roses (the larger international kinds) and enormous rosebuds are also becoming more popular as a Wedding Varmala idea. Roses that are light pink or have several colours are also a great option for the Wedding Varmala idea.

Pearl Jaimalas (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Pearl Jaimalas (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Next on the list of Wedding Varmala ideas, we have pearl Jaimalas. Each ritual at a large Indian wedding has its own charm. But there’s always one that steals the cake! The Wedding Varmala or Jaimala ritual is the most romantic portion of an Indian wedding, and it’s even described in the Vedas’ early literary manuscripts.

In any Indian wedding, the Wedding Varmala is the focus of attention, and when it is presented in a grand manner, it will capture everyone’s attention. The rich appearance is particularly appealing. The flowers symbolise joy, pleasure, and beauty, and they are all linked together on a thread to symbolise the marriage bond making floral Wedding Varmala ideas one of the best.

Carnation Wedding Varmala (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Carnation Wedding Varmala (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Moving ahead on the list of the best Wedding Varmala ideas, we have carnations. Carnation wedding varmala with maroon carnations arranged into two lovely garlands, like the ones #DeepVeer wore at their auspicious wedding, are very unique. The floral Wedding Varmalas are exchanged as a symbol of acceptance and the beginning of the soon-to-be-married couple’s journey together!

Couples have been attempting to make their wedding Varmala ideas and theme extra exceptional with new and super extra Wedding Varmala ideas, given the significance and big nature of this event. Who doesn’t want to be an extra with their Wedding Varmala idea at their own wedding?

Mogra jaimala (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Mogra jaimala (Wedding varmala Ideas)

The simple mogra wedding Varmala ideas is next on the list of the best wedding Varmala ideas. The sweet scent of mogra is a joy in and of itself. It works well when weaved into Wedding Varmalas, and the delightful aroma adds a refreshing ambience to the rituals.

As a result, you have more freedom in terms of design with mogra wedding Varmala ideas. Choose two distinct Wedding Varmalas ideas and tie them together for a bohemian style, or go for a stacked wedding varmala idea that looks like a necklace. If the flowers are too mainstream for you, you might opt for a paper Wedding Varmala idea. These are some unusual methods to add a creative twist to the more typical Wedding Varmalas.

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Jaimala/ Wedding Varmala Themes (Wedding Varmala stage ideas)

The stage where the wedding varmala ceremony takes place has Wedding Varmala themes, which you may select based on your tastes. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Jaimala ideas for this season to help you decide what to do and how to do it. Scroll down for more Wedding Varmala ideas.

Lotus varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Lotus varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

In Indian tradition, the lotus, also known as Kamal, is revered as a symbol of sombre  purity. Why not use this fortunate blossom to set the tone for your big day? Set up a lotus Wedding Varmala stage for unusual Wedding Varmala ideas to add a sense of tradition and quirkiness.

The stage is designed to resemble a massive lotus flower, on top of which you will be able to trade Wedding Varmalas. While a lotus stage may be put up indoors, it can also be kept at the beach or by the pool. That is, after all, where lotuses belong! Wedding Varmala themes in India, such as these, have a distinct twist and provide plenty of opportunity for Instagram-worthy photos.

The Mandir varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

The Mandir varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

You’ll appreciate the Mandir Wedding Varmala themes if you’re looking for a wedding with a lot of traditions and not a lot of innovation. It features a Mandir cutout behind which the Jaimala ritual is meant to take place. It’s so easy to do yet looks shocking With these stand-out wedding topics, you’ll make certain to have your visitors go “Gracious amazing” on your important day.

Water Fountain varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

Water Fountain varmala theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

While a flower shower and fireworks are common, a water fountain is uncommon and seems ethereal in photographs. You may either have a water fountain erected or travel to a place that already has one. What a combination of elegance and exoticness! As their wedding stage idea, this couple chose a delicate tiny bridge over the water fountains. Fountains can be found either around the stage or just in front of it.

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Bollywood Theme Stage (Wedding varmala Ideas)

The weddings of Bollywood couples are nothing short of a gorgeous fantasy. Why not steal a page from your favourite Bollywood couple’s playbook and emulate their jaimala antics at your own wedding?

That’s right, you can have your very own Anushka Sharma or Priyanka Chopra wedding varmala theme right in your own backyard. Follow in the footsteps of your favourite celebrities to create a big and opulent theme that will leave your guests speechless!

Things to keep in mind before opting for any wedding varmala idea:

1. Season matters

Season matters for the wedding varmala idea you are going for. Roses and marigolds are available throughout the year. Seasonal flowers, on the other hand, might enhance your appearance of the wedding varmala.

For a unique aesthetic of wedding varmala idea, inquire about these flowers with your florist and include them into your wedding varmala idea arrangement. Summer wedding flowers include iris and dahlia, while winter wedding flowers include orchids and lily. These are some of the most commonly used flowers in wedding varmala ideas. 

2. Valuing the traditions for wedding varmala idea

Before opting for a wedding varmala idea make sure to value your tradition. Being traditional does not exclude you from being fashionable. Play with the pattern of wedding varmala idea and glam it up if a certain colour is worn in a varmala in your community.

Because the sizes of wedding varmala vary from community to community, it is best to consult the elders to check the size of your wedding varmala idea.

So, as a result, you have more freedom in terms of design in wedding varmala idea. Choose two distinct wedding varmala and tie them together for a bohemian style, or go for a stacked wedding varmala that looks like a necklace. If the flowers are too mainstream for you, you might opt for a paper wedding varmala. These are some unusual methods to add a creative twist to the more typical wedding varmala.

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