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Event Management Redefined

Wedding Categories

Destination Wedding

We create elevated guest experiences around India and all across the globe. Our aesthetic varies, depending on the client and the location, but our main goal is always authenticity and warmth with a touch of etherealness and magic.

Wedding Venues

With so many stunning venues out there, how do you choose the venue for you? How is one wedding venue better than the other? How to allocate a budget for your wedding venue? Shaandaar Events will be answering all these questions for you!

Wedding Photographers

Relieve yourself of the stress of outlining every detail of the days before your wedding and enjoy these moments, all captured by the top wedding photographers.

Wedding Decorators

Our experience reflects in our work, We do not just create a décor we create an experience! Our secret? We don't feel the need to follow cliché wedding trends or copy other decorators.

Wedding Caterers

Attention to detail is what sets the most spectacular weddings apart and accomplished hosts and hostesses know that food should never be an afterthought. Whatever your tastes, Shaandaar Events are here with the best wedding caterers in the business!

Bridal Makeup

Working their magic on brides, every bridal makeup look created by our experts is tailor-made to justify the vision and dream moment of the bride.