Best Wedding Decor Themes For Your Big Day! | Unique Wedding Decor Themes

Best Wedding Decor Themes. The essence of weddings is to witness the ever-lasting love and to celebrate the bond of culture. To witness the solemnizing of the love and pious bond. To commemorate a couple solemnizing their bond in cultural rituals. Well, this is just one aspect of the essence of weddings. The other aspect is the embellishments of the wedding ceremony which resonate with the shared ideas of the couple. Weddings are all about celebrating the new phase of the couple’s life in the most illustrious way ever. 

Guests are attracted to the kind of wedding it is. The resonation of the couple’s bond and what connects them by heart. And we are here to help you with what type of wedding you should have. In contemporary times, there are literally a plethora of choices to choose between. So, here is a list of the best wedding decor themes and unique wedding decor themes from which you can choose your best one:

1. The Charm of Romance (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
The Charm of Romance – Best Wedding Decor Themes

The first wedding decor to explore is romantic. We know it is a bit obvious but still one of the best wedding decor themes ever. Soft hues, delicate lighting, and plenty of florals envision a romantic theme for the wedding ceremony. The dim and delicate lightning resonates with the intricacies of the bond the couple share.

The florals enlighten the mood and provide the ambiance to the wedding ceremony. In addition to this, envision pastels, hanging lights, chandeliers, and a flower wall will be just perfect. This wedding decor theme is simple yet elegant and mesmerizes the guests.

2. Mystical Gardenia (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Mystical Gardenia – Best Wedding Decor Themes

The gardenia or forest theme has caught the attention of many and is used widely throughout wedding ceremonies. The theme ranges from the mandap set upright in a forest or curating an entire garden indoors. The green theme symbolizes prosperity and progress which we all bless the couple with.

If you opt for the forest theme, choose an invitation and look in consonance with the theme. For this decor, infuse a lot of foliage and florals together in the form of backdrops, ceilings, mandaps, or quirky corners. It all can be more enlightened with lights, candles, dim chandeliers, and any other elemental decor.

3. Inspiring Vintage (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Inspiring Vintage – Best Wedding Decor Themes

There is something so inspirational about the vintage style. So why don’t we choose vintage for the wedding ceremony theme? One of the easiest ways to channel this is through your wedding outfit and beauty look.  To channelize the vintage theme, rely upon antique-looking decor, for instance, weathered doors or worn-out wooden seats.

The entry of the venue can be enlightened with some classic getaway like an old Porsche. The invitation cards can be also in vintage with a black and white theme and calligraphy exemplifying the vintage theme. Vintage up for your wedding ceremony. 

4. Attractive Shimmer (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Attractive Shimmer – Best Wedding Decor Themes

Next on the list of the Best Wedding Decor theme is SHIMMER! Shimmer is something that everyone is mesmerized by. The shimmery and shiny element into your wedding theme can bling everyone towards it. To go with the shimmering theme, choose unique shimmery elements, crystal strings, glitter, sequin drapes and tablescapes, fairy lights, etc.

To magnify the shiny theme, slip into some glimmering outfit with metallic hues with sequin or mirror work or Gotti Patti work. The invitations can go consonant with the shimmery theme with silver or gold calligraphy and the same borders. 

5. Everything Glamorous (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Everything Glamorous – Best Wedding Decor Themes

The glamor of huge chandeliers and golden drapes ascending upon the whole venue will literally give you the Om Shanti Om type wedding theme. Gold accents highlighting the place, fancy candelabras, and centerpieces adding the edge and ambient lighting will illuminate the place. To set up the mood, some glamor and lux will surely help and illustrate your wedding theme. 

6. Bohemian Par-tay (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Bohemian Par-tay – Best Wedding Decor Themes

If you are choosing to celebrate your love in an outdoor setting or roo-top or near a beach, boho chic is the best wedding theme for you. With a bohemian theme, everything will be eclectic and unique with some additional matching color hues and elements.

The bohemian theme includes dreamcatchers, tassels, macrame, fringed cascading elements, lots of white hues, distinctive beige or white rugs and seating, and some pastel florals. The boho decor can be heartwarming for the invitees and brings a fun element to the wedding ceremony. 

7. Tropical Lush (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Tropical Lush – Best Wedding Decor Themes

The lushness that the tropical theme brings is unmatchable. Including plenty of plants, laid-back decor, and a cocktail bar in all dreamy color hues. This is one of the best wedding decor themes if you are choosing an outdoor ceremony. Some colorful and easy-breezy decor will make your wedding all dream-like. With fun games and flamingo-themed elements, the decor will be all lightened up. 

8. It’s All Minimalistic (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Minimalistic – Best Wedding Decor Themes

Minimalism is an ongoing trend that melts everyone’s heart. Simple and artsy, minimalist elements bring absolute perfectionism. So, why don’t you use the same theme for your wedding? With a simple bamboo mandap and the littlest of decorations will just be awe-worthy. This simple minimalistic decor will enchant everyone with some dim lights and white florals.

9. There is Nothing as Too Much Light (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
There is Nothing as Too Much Light – Best Wedding Decor Themes

“There is too much light in this wedding”, said no one ever. Lights play an essential role in wedding decors but why not use just lights for the decor. From candles and lanterns to fairy lights, some rustic bulbs to chandeliers there will be boasts of abundant light creating a world of their own for the lovebirds.  The invitees will be left speechless with this lighting decor theme and the theme is picture-worthy. 

10. Classic Traditional (Wedding Decor Themes)

Best Wedding Decor Themes
Classic Traditional – Best Wedding Decor Themes

You can always go with the traditional wedding decor with red hues, roses, marigold wires, etc. This charming wedding decor theme can never disappoint you. To synchronize with the red traditional theme, you can choose red outfits. The theme can be enlightened with some mixing up color combinations of white and reds or gold or reds which leave you so inspired. 

Go ahead and consult with your wedding planner for helping you land on a perfect Wedding Decor Theme to choose from and make the most out of your big day!